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4 Reasons Why The Dallas Mavericks Are Making a Massive Mistake Signing Kristaps Porzingis To The Max

The Dallas Mavericks have either put together the next great dynasty orrrr they have doomed Luka Doncic by committing themselves to one of the worst contracts in the NBA.

I’m going with the latter.

Here are 4 reasons why the Dallas Mavericks are making a massive mistake by giving Kristaps Porzingis a max contract:

1. His Legs Don’t Work

kristaps porzingis torn acl

Kristaps Porzingis hasn’t played basketball since February 6th, 2018 after tearing his ACL. He has missed 142 out of a possible 328 games in his 4 year career. Yes, he’s only 23-years old and these could all be fluke injuries but there is a long dark history of players who are 7-foot+ suffering career-ending lower body injuries.

Yao Ming broke his foot and I’m pretty sure they put him to sleep and turned him into glue. Greg Oden hurt his knee and never played again. No further examples. You get it. Porzingis’s career, which is highly reliant on his athleticism, could be over already.

2. Janis Porzingis

One of the biggest reasons Kristaps wanted out of New York is because the organization refused to appease his overbearing brother/agent/manager. Janis wanted to give his boys some jobs in the Knicks organization and the Knicks were like ‘lol nah’.

Now, that’s not an uncommon demand that stars make. Everywhere LeBron James goes, he gets his guys jobs with the team. Even Carmelo Anthony had some friends on the Knicks payroll.

Fun fact: Kristaps isn’t LeBron nor Carmelo. He made one All-Star game and couldn’t play because he was injured.

3. Trapping Luka Doncic

power ranking all 30 nba teams

New Orleans is currently putting on a master class of how to build a team around your young star. Surround them with young affordable potential stars to develop with Zion and add veterans that fill holes in your roster but sign them to flexible movable contracts.

What not to do: dedicate a max contract to a guy who hasn’t played in two years with zero knowledge of whether or not he can actually play alongside Doncic with any success.

Kristaps is 9-feet tall and is only a career 43% shooter from the field and 7.1 rebounds. How are you always the biggest guy on the court and can never grab double-digit rebounds?

Dallas has all of their money wrapped up in Kristaps, Tim Hardaway and Courtney Lee with no future first round picks. Pray for Luka.

4. The Rape

Kristaps is a rapist. So. Yea.

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