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4 Reasons Why The Cleveland Browns Should Draft Sam Darnold Number One Overall

Every single day, there seems to be a new quarterback at the top of these 2018 NFL Mock Draft boards. Most of the conversation is surrounded by the conversation of Josh Allen being the perfect specimen and so accurate even though Lamar Jackson was better statistically but because he isn’t a tall white, he is trash and Allen is god.

But the Cleveland Browns have the number one overall pick and Sam Darnold should be their clear selection. Here’s why:

1. Skipping the Combine

USC’s Sam Darnold, one of four quarterback prospects widely expected to be drafted in the first round, will not throw at this week’s NFL scouting combine, a source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Tuesday.


Sam Darnold skipping the NFL Combine is HUGE for his value. If you are considered to be on of the top prospects in the draft then the Combine does nothing for you. If anything, it can only hurt your value if you happen to have a bad day. I dare Darnold to run the 40-yard dash right after Lamar Jackson hits 3 seconds on the gun.

Also, the last big quarterback to skip the combine? Johnny Manziel. Sam Darnold was destined to be a Cleveland Brown.

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