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4 Reasons Why Odell Beckham Jr. Deserves To Be The Highest Paid Wide Receiver in the NFL

It’s finally happened.

Beckham Jr. has become the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL. This was an inevitability. No matter how many lame (old white) NFL fans believed that he was a ‘distraction’ on the sidelines or whatever, his value is unrivaled in this league.

SQUAAAAAD READY LETS GOOOO. The New York Giants are marching straight to the Super Bowl now that Odell Beckham has secured the bag. The Giants can win the next 5 championships and fans will still call Beckham overpaid. Allow me to explain why this contract is important.


Here are 4 reasons why Odell Beckham Jr. deserves to be the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL:



1. Best Wide Receiver in the NFL

Odell Beckham Jr is the best wide receiver in the NFL and no one can tell me other. Every single time someone says that Julio Jones is better, I laugh like Heath Ledger’s Joker pouring gasoline on money.

Football games are won by the team that scores the most touchdowns. Julio Jones has only scored double-digit touchdowns once. In 2012 he scored 10. Cute. Last season Julio Jones only ended up in the end zone 3 times. Odell Beckham played in 4 games last season, two of which he was nursing a broken ankle, and he scored 3 touchdowns. Julio can get all the yards he wants. You can’t be the biggest wide receiver on the field in the red zone lining up against tiny cornerbacks and catch THREE touchdowns.

Antonio Brown is 30 years old and Odell Beckham is 25. I’m not saying that Antonio is suddenly going to fall off a cliff production wise, I’m just saying value wise, I’d rather have the 25 year old who is on a historic career base matched only by Hall of Famer, Randy Moss.

When it’s all said and done, we are going to look back at Odell’s career and consider him the greatest wide receiver of all time and we’re going to look back and be like ‘wow, it’s pretty cool that Antonio Brown played in the same era as the legendary Odell Beckham’.


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