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4 Reasons Why Every NFL Team Should Acquire Blake Bortles

4. He guarantees you a bright future

If you trade for Blake Bortles, you are guaranteeing yourself a Top 5 draft pick the next year. He is driving your tank directly to draft his replacement which is exactly what happened this season in Jacksonville.

Dallas would swap Bortles for Dak this season in a heartbeat if it meant they didn’t win just enough games with Dak where they had to sign him to a big extension that he’s not good enough to earn. The Cowboys are going to go 8-8, win the NFC East and get bounced from the playoffs asap only to be 8-8 for the remainder of Dak’s career.

If they had Bortles however, they would be battling Arizona and Oakland for the first pick and another chance at a new star QB.

Blake Bortles can save your franchise.




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