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4 Reasons Why Every NFL Team Should Acquire Blake Bortles

3. Instant scapegoat

Look at how Bortles is being treated right now. The Jaguars are throwing him under the bus meanwhile, the entire team is trash. Again, he went to the AFC Championship game last season. I can admit that Bortles didn’t really lead them there as much as he was just present for gameday while his defense and running game went off but he did well enough to not lose.

The 2018 Jags stink. It’s not but Bortles but they have a scapegoat and they’re using it. Do you realize how desperately Jon Gruden in Oakland wishes he had a guy like Bortles to shoulder the blame instead of him? The Packers are about to fire Mike McCarthy. If Bortles was Aaron Rodgers’s backup, I bet they’d find a way to blame Bortles for Green Bay’s struggles.

He is the ultimate fall guy.


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