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4 Reasons Why Every NFL Team Should Acquire Blake Bortles

It would appear as though the Blake Bortles and Jacksonville Jaguars honeymoon has come to an end and a divorce is imminent as Bortles has been benched for former Cleveland Browns legend, Cody Kessler.

Fun fact: benching Bortles ends his consecutive start streak which was the 5th longest among starting quarterbacks behind Philip Rivers, Matt Ryan, Matty Stafford and Russell Wilson. Bortles was truly among his equals there.

Blake isn’t having the best season ever with 13 touchdowns to his 10 interceptions and a 81.9 passer rating which ranks 30th among starters. He’s lost 7 straight games. One could see why Jacksonville is done with this young man.

But as far as the rest of the league goes, they should be leaping on the opportunity to acquire Bortles by any means necessary.


Here are 4 reasons why every NFL team should acquire Blake Bortles:


1. He’d be the best backup in the league

Blake Bortles has been a starter in the NFL for half a decade. It doesn’t matter who your backup quarterback is, he doesn’t have anywhere near as much experience playing professional football as Blake does.

Instead of signing Sam Bradford every year to Jeff Bezos’s annual salary before you inevitably place him on the IR for a knee injury, just have Bortles sit there on the bench. He looks great in pads and a fitted hat on the sidelines.

Who would you rather have start your team’s next game: Nick Foles or Blake Bortles? If you said Nick Foles, you’re either lying or you’re Chip Kelly.


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