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4 NBA Head Coaches That Will Be Fired By The End of 2020

The 2019-2020 hasn’t even begun yet so let’s wildly speculate on which guys will be unemployed by this team next year. It’s inevitable. It sucks but when a team underperforms, someone has to take the fall. NBA head coaches are the ultimate fall guys.

Here are 4 NBA head coaches that will be fired by the end of 2020:

1. David Fizdale

Sure, the Knicks don’t have a very talented roster and most likely won’t win many games but it’s important to watch the growth of their young assess, or perhaps, the lack of growth.

Frank Ntilikina wasn’t even allowed on the court last season because Fizdale didn’t like him. Kevin Knox was at the bottom of most statistical categories. It’s normal for a rookie to struggle. It’s not super normal for them to be the worst player in the league.

If RJ Barrett sucks then it’s safe to say that Fizdale isn’t going to lead these kids to the promised land.

2. Scott Brooks

The Washington Wizards are one of the most poorly run organizations in sports and poorly run organizations do dumb shit such as deciding to hold onto Bradley Beal all year because you think you’re good enough to make the 8th seed in the East and then blaming your head coach when it doesn’t happen so you can get a fresh voice in there for John Wall’s triumphant return.

Plus, Washington has a brand new front office and Scotty Brooks is not the coach they selected. He’s a remnant of the old failed regime. He’s OUT of here.

3. Billy Donovan

Honestly, I’m not even totally sure why Billy Donovan has been the head coach in OKC for this long outside of the fact that Russell Westbrook is a sociopath and won’t listen to anyone so it didn’t matter who the coach was, Westbrook was running the team.

Russell Westbrook gone. Paul George gone. The Thunder have all of the draft picks and are entering full rebuild mode. You never hold onto to your coach when you start a rebuild. Except for Rick Carlise in Dallas and he won a championship. Billy Donovan hasn’t even come close.

4. Frank Vogel

That Los Angeles Lakers coaching staff was designed to fail. Have you met Jason Kidd? If you haven’t yet, he’s the guy on the end of the bench who is going to sabotage Frank Vogel every chance he gets so that he can be the head coach of the Lakers.

It honestly makes no sense that Los Angeles would even allow him as an assistant considering he forced his way into the Milwaukee head coaching job and absolutely wasted Giannis and all of the talent there.

It’s like they don’t want the bad optics of hiring a coach with a losing record but they are totally okay with naming him the interim head coach at the All-Star break.

Don’t buy property in LA, Frank. You’re on borrowed time. Jason Kidd is planting coke in your luggage right this second.

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