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4 Lessons Tua Tagovailoa Can Learn From Ryan Fitzpatrick

A rookie quarterback’s development is completing intertwined with the veteran quarterbacks that are already on the roster when they arrive. We have Tyrod Taylor working with Justin Herbert in Los Angeles and Aaron Rodgers ignoring all of Jordan Love’s texts in Wisconsin.

But the most interesting rookie and veteran QB relationship has to be the Tua Tagovailoa Ryan Fitzpatrick partnership in Miami. The best quarterback in the draft and an absolute wildcard who beat Tom Brady week 17 last season and sent them into their death march into the playoffs.

Here’s what Fitzpatrick had to say about Tua:

“I’m excited. I’m excited that they drafted him. I’m excited because I watched him play at Alabama and he looks like he’s a pretty dynamic talent. Just in meeting him a few times, he seems like an unbelievable kid with a great head on his shoulders.”

Glad to hear that these two will most likely be getting along because Fitzmagic has because there is plenty Tua can learn from their time together.

Here are 4 lessons Tua Tagovailoa can learn from Ryan Fitzpatrick:

1. How to play through injury

Tua Tagovailoa has an injury problem. It’s the reason why he fell to 5th in the draft despite being the most talented player available. He’s had a broken finger, sprained knee and calf, twisted ankles and an obliterated hip. The man’s body has proven t be slightly too frail for football.

Ryan Fitzpatrick seems to suffer a concussion just putting his helmet on before the games. If anyone can teach Tua had to play through injury is that man who is the ultimate mind over matter quarterback.

2. How to lose to Bill Belichick

Ryan Fitzpatrick is 3-10 in his career with 21 touchdowns and 22 interceptions against Billy and them boys. Playing for Buffalo, New York and now Miami, Fitzmagic’s built up an impressive portfolio of New England losses.

He’s also put up 3,444 yards and completed 61% of his passes. He’s one of the most impressive losers in recent NFL history. If Tua is going to play in Miami for the next decade then he has to figure out how to lose to the Patriots the correct way. The Fitzpatrick way.

3. Harvard shit

I always forget that Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard and no offense to Alabama—a state that had packed graduation ceremonies last weekend and is now running out of hospital beds after everyone and their mothers caught coronavirus—but I get the feeling that Fitzmagic knows a few more things than Tua.

Plus, I get the feeling that Tua wasn’t in class very often. He may not even know where Miami is.

4. Where’s the good coke

We all know that Ryan Fitzpatrick knows the plug. He borderline might be the plug himself but if Tua is going to be a star in Miami then he not only needs to develop a healthy coke addiction but he needs to make sure he’s getting that good shit.

Catch Tua and Fitzmagic at the club at 3am on a Saturday night 10 hours before kickoff on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills KEYED out of their brains, noses bleeding just shouting about the playbook. Just as the prophecy foretold.

Dolphins winning the cup this year and no one can tell me otherwise.




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