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4 Biggest Winners and Losers of the Mookie Betts Los Angeles Dodgers Trade

Wolf. The Boston Red Sox just had one of the grossest salary dumps in sports history as they were so desperate to get rid of David Price’s awful contract that they had to add Mookie Betts along to sweeten the deal.

The Dodgers plan of producing random white dudes that can all hit 25+ home runs has appeared to run its course. They’ve lost in the World Series every single year since the late 1800’s so they finally decided to switch it up and bring in a brownman to help tip the scales in their favor. Let’s see how this new strategy plays.

With every massive move there are winners and there are most certainly losers.

Here are the 4 biggest winners and losers of the Mookie Betts Los Angeles Dodgers trade:


1. Los Angeles Dodgers

Mookie Betts is the third best player in Major League Baseball behind Mike Trout and Christian Yelich. Whenever you acquire the third best player in a trade, you won the trade. Betts will be joining the fourth best player in Major League Baseball, Cody Bellinger.

This Dodgers lineup is stupid.

The Dodgers were 5th in runs scored last season right behind the Boston Red Sox so throw all of Betts’s runs on the Dodgers and they’re a Top 3 offense overnight.

Plus, Price won’t be as shitty in the National League pitching against the opposing pitcher every start instead of having to deal with DH’s like Nelson Cruz and Edwin Encarnacion every 5 days.

2. Clayton Kershaw

Not only is this Clayton Kershaw’s best chance to win a World Series and solidify himself as one of the greatest to ever do it but the addition of David Price into the rotation instantly takes all of the pressure and blame off of him.

We all know that Kershaw is going to give up 7 runs in a World Series game. As is tradition.

Clayton Kershaw found a Monkey Paw and wished to become the best pitcher ever and the side effect was that he’d be awful in the postseason.

But the only pitcher that’s an even bigger pussy in the playoffs is David Price, a man who was in a year long feud with the Red Sox color commentary guy because he was critiqued.

3. New York Yankees

wilcard game

Mookie Betts was the only player stopping the Yankees from winning the AL East with ease. No offense to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays but uh, nah. They’re still the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and they have no chance of winning the division.

But if the Red Sox gave Mookie the 12-year $420 million deal that he asked for then the Yankees would’ve had themselves a war with Boston for the next decade.

Andddd that’s over as they punted on any success. Who’s going to give Luis Severino problems next season? Mitch Moreland? Laugh out loud.

4. Minnesota Twins

minnesota twins new york yankees

The Minnesota Twins managed to swoop into this blockbuster deal and steal starting pitcher, Kenta Maeda, from the Los Angeles Dodgers out of nowhere. Although he’s more than a few years removed from his extraordinary 2016 rookie campaign, he’s still a perfect starter for the Minnesota Twins who just broke the single-season home run record. All they need is essentially an innings eater who will keep opposing teams down to only 4-5 runs per start.

I hate the Twins after they signed my sworn enemy, Josh Donaldson, sooo this trade might send me into a rage.


And now onto the Losers….


1. New York Yankees

gary sanchez

Yes, it’s great that Mookie is out of the AL East but now there are two new problems: 1.) David Price is gone too and man, did that guy love serving up beach balls to Gary Sanchez. In a way, he was Gary’s hitting coach.

And 2.) Boston was able to acquire a couple of young prospects that can end up haunting the Yankees for years. Alex Verdugo and Brusdar Graterol, whose names I’m already sour on, might be the next great players in Red Sox history.

Shrug.gif. Yankees in 4 though.

2. Boston Red Sox

Yea, uh, do I explain that trading away one of the players in baseball is bad? Did the Marlins get better after they traded Giancarlo Stanton? The Boston Red Sox stink.

3. Joc Pederson

Imagine how hyped Joc was when he saw the Dodgers acquired Mookie Betts. He was daydreaming about being a member of the most dominant outfield in Major League Baseball. Andddd then five minutes later he found out that he was being shipped off to Anaheim and will be watching the Dodgers play across town.


4. San Diego Padres

The Padres lined their organization up perfectly to make a huge splash this winter. Their tore everything down, built a strong farm system, called up some studs like Fernando Tatis Jr, signed Manny Machado, for the rest of his life, hired a new manager and were poised to add one last piece to make them real contenders in the AL West.

The Boston Red Sox wanted nothing to do with what the Padres offered them and not only did San Diego lose out on the final piece buuuut Mookie Betts ended up landing in their division. Won’t matter whether or not Manny Machado sprints to first base when the Dodgers are already up 10-1 after 3 innings.




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