4 Biggest Winners and Losers of the Jimmy Butler Trade To The Philadelphia 76ers

2. Kawhi and Giannis

Yes, the Philadelphia 76ers just got a lot better after this deal. The Sixers entered this season with one real proven guard on their roster: JJ Redick. Markelle hasn’t done anything and Philadelphia decided to get Wilson Chandler instead of another guard.

Jimmy Butler is an All-NBA guard who is a far superior basketball player than Robert Covington. He automatically becomes the second best scorer on the team. Sooo, the Eastern Conference is going to be a Loser when the playoffs roll around, maybe.

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But as far as the regular season goes, Joel Embiid was putting up MVP numbers carrying the offensive load for the squad with 27.7 points, 13.1 rebounds and 2.3 blocks a game. Now that Butler is here, those numbers are going to drop and Kawhi and Giannis just removed an MVP contender out of the way.

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