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4 Biggest Winners and Losers of the Jimmy Butler Trade To The Philadelphia 76ers

Jimmy Butler has FINALLY been traded after weeks of harassing his teammates and leaving threatening voicemails on the Timberwolves owner’s answering machine, probably. General Soreness is taking his talents to Philly.

But with every blockbuster deal, there are winners and losers. An All-NBA player changed cities. Power has shifted in the NBA.


Here are the 4 biggest and winners of the Jimmy Butler Philadelphia 76ers trade:


1. Karl-Anthony Towns

Imagine going to work every day and having the new employee come in and bully you from day one. He calls you a pussy every morning when you clock in and reminds you that you’re still a pussy when you leave at 5.

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Oh, and then he bangs your girlfriend. And you can’t go to your boss to complain because he went out of his way to hire the guy and he’s encouraging him to call you a pussy every day. KAT can now show up to work and half-ass it with no one chirping at him to like ‘try’ or whatever. Life is good.


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