4 Biggest Winners and Losers From the Kyrie Irving/Isaiah Thomas Trade

2. Kevin Durant Stans

kevin durant golden state warriors

The hottest take coming out of this blockbuster trade is that players shouldn’t be loyal to teams because teams aren’t loyal to players. And that’s absolutely true but I don’t want/need Kevin Durant telling me that. Durant leaving OKC to join Golden State makes people hate him not because he wasn’t loyal to the Thunder. They hate it because he signed to a team that just had the best record in NBA history and a team that he almost beat in the playoffs the year prior. And Durant didn’t need to be loyal to OKC. He needed to be loyal to Russell Westbrook.

What loyalty is expected between Isaiah Thomas and Boston? From the second he got there, all he talked about was his pay day. The city loved him for sure and he played his balls off after the death of his sister with a busted hip but he’s not a Celtics great. He had an MVP caliber season anddd now he’s on Cleveland. Keep it moving. Nothing to see here.


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