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3 Schools Chuba Hubbard Should Transfer To After Finding Out Mike Gundy Doesn’t Care About Black People

Chuba Hubbard is entering his junior season at Oklahoma State University and after a 2019 campaign where he rushed for 2,094 yards and 21 touchdowns on 6.4 yards per carry which means he’s poised to be a first round draft pick in the 2021 NFL draft assuming that sports still exist and Coronavirus didn’t send us back to the Mesozoic Era.

The problem is, his head coach is super into deep alt-right news networks like OAN that actively work to undermine the Black Lives Movement and brown people at large. Bold move for Mike Gundy to promote his awful anti-black beliefs while simultaneously being a coach of a primarily black team. Go off, I suppose.

Assuming that Chuba stands up for himself and sees through Gundy’s lazy bullshit apology where he was clearly reading from a prepared statement that he had no hand in writing, let’s wildly speculate on where he should transfer to.

3. Auburn

The only running back taken in the first round of the 2020 NFL draft was Clyde Edwards-Helaire from LSU. He proved he could have success against SEC defenses and snuck into the first round where he’ll instantly make an impact with the Kansas City Chiefs. Auburn’s only running back is freshman DJ Williams which means Hubbard can walk into one of the top programs in the country and show NFL teams that he can perform in the best conference in the country.

2. Wisconsin

Wisconsin is the running back factory that can squeeze 2,000 yards rushing out of anyone. They just had Jonathan Taylor get drafted in the 2nd round by the Indianapolis Colts coming off a 2,000 ard 21 touchdown season. Hm, reminds me of Chuba’s 2019 stat line.

1. Nebraska

I didn’t write much about college football last season because 1.) no one reads it and 2.) Nebraska is my favorite team and they won 5 meaningless games and had to kick two freshmen off the team after they raped a girl so yea, I needed a season to disassociate.

Also, as much as I think Scott Frost is a scammer and can’t coach, he appears to be significantly less racist than Mike Gundy so come to Lincoln, Chubba. Be a husker and save us from ourselves.


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