2021 NBA East Conference Odds: Heat Hustles, Wizards Slowly Falling Apart

In a few more weeks, the 2021 NBA First Half will conclude. Upon this ending, the All-Star break will take over before the league inches to the Second Half. Besides, the G-League is tentatively happening because of the NBA taking shorter ball games. Last year, the whole season ended with 82-ball games, while this year, it ends with 72.

As the season gets shorter, teams have been hustling hard since day one to earn victories and ascend their percentage winning. Do know that the teams who will get through the postseason are the groups who had the lines in their respective conferences. While the West got a neck-to-neck challenge, let’s see what’s in store for the East.

Looking into the current East Conference team rankings today, 76ers, Bucks, Nets, Celtics, and Pacers are on the top list. However, with a few more weeks remaining in the First Half, other teams are moving fast, although they are at the lowest seed. Let’s know the East Conference bottom performers and their Odds provided by FanDuel to see whether they got a chance to enter the 2021 NBA postseason.

Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls got their last Conference title in 1988. In the same year, they also earned their NBA title. Fourteen years later, the Bulls tried their best to show-up once again and landed on the Divisional honor. Since then, the Bulls has had a hard time getting back on top vying for another NBA prestige.

This year, the Bulls presently earned nine wins and thirteen losses. They need to win all the remaining games in the First Half to get an easier next round. Today, the team faces the Washington Wizards, who are two steps behind them in the East seeding. After the said game, the Bulls need to overcome the Pelicans and the Clippers.

Miami Heat

Last year, the Miami Heat forced all the East teams to make way for them in the finals. They were a runner-up to the Lakers as the championship series ended with a 2-4 game run. The same as what Miami Heat displayed last season, they weren’t strong in the First Half but have vanquished most of the games in the Second Half and proceeded to the postseason.

The Heat today has achieved nine wins and fourteen losses. This is probably the slowest move of the Heat since they entered the NBA League. Yesterday, the Miami Heat had jousted with the New York Knicks and successfully won in a 109-103 final score. In the coming days, the games are crucial as they face a rematch with the Knicks and another one with the Rockets.

Orlando Magic

The hopes of Orlando Magic to make their lines higher in the East Conference ranking was delayed by the Bulls last Sunday. Both teams have shown an impressive performance during this match, but the Bulls buried the Magic with a final score of 118-92. That said, the Magic has earned nine wins and fifteen losses.

It’s not too late for the Magic to show their real prowess as they can still end an excellent First Half odds. On Wednesday, they will contend with Portland Trail Blazers and then followed by the Golden State Warriors. If they win these games, then the Magic can indeed boost their odds and lines to end up as the East’s dark horse.

Washington Wizards

After a controversial trade of John Wall to the Rockets to get Rusell Westbrook, the Washington Wizards seemed unlucky to take action. Remember that Wall had missed most plays last year with the Wizards due to an injury. That led them to lose their patience and offered a glaring trade with Westbrook.

Surprisingly, the Wizards are on the second to the last bottom seed in the Eastern Conference today. Given that Westbrook is there to help the team, they won’t still succeed if it’s a one-man show. Although it’s still the First Half, the Wizards should find a way to assess their weaknesses so that they can deliver more in the Second Half. Presently, the Wizards got five wins and fifteen losses and will face the Chicago Bulls tomorrow.

Detroit Pistons

The Detroit Pistons are starting to lose their way in the East. They take the bottom rank garnering only five wins and eighteen losses. This team needs a lot more hard work as they haven’t been into the postseason since 2008. Besides, the Pistons got their last Conference title in 2005 and NBA Cup in 2004.

With this, all the remaining games they are scheduled for in the First Half must end up in victory. If they can do this, they can exceed all the teams ranked ahead of them. Their next three matches this week are tough facing the best teams in the league like Nets, Pacers, and Celtics.


Every year, the Eastern Conference produces an unpredictable odds ranking. Compared to the West, the groups on this side have the ability to outperform each other. With the East bottom performers shown above, is there enough time for them to hustle and end an impressive First Half lines and odds?





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