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2019-20 NBA Preview: The New York Knicks Are The Worst Team in the NBA (By Miles)

I spent so much time defending the Knicks offseason that I haven’t had the opportunity to actually sit down and think about how awful their moves were but I wasn’t going to say anything about it this summer.

Last season the Knicks had the worst record in the NBA and with the new lottery odds, they lost the No. 1 draft pick to New Orleans, a team that won 16 more games than them. That should’ve let us all know how their summer was about to end.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving signed with the Brooklyn Nets and as someone who personally finds those two players to be absolute sociopaths, I didn’t mind missing out on those free agents. Durant doesn’t have an achilles and Kyrie just wakes up with knee tendinitis randomly and will miss a month out of nowhere.

It’s fine.

You’d think the Knicks would pivot to building around their young cats. You’d think the Knicks would acquire guys to compliment RJ Barrett and Mitch Robinson and Kevin Knox and Frank Ntilikina.


Instead, they decided to go out of their way to sign players who have redundant skillsets.

They signed younger free agents to short term contracts thus ensuring that these new players will use their time on the Knicks as their chance to get a new bag and they’ll want nothing to do with sitting and watching Knox figure it out.

The preseason isn’t even over yet and there are already reports that players on the Knicks are complaining about their minutes which brings me to David Fizdale, a coach who believes in the philosophy of ‘earning’ minutes which is a dope concept to instill when you’re divvying up minutes between Damyean Dotson or Allonzo Trier. That shit doesn’t work when it’s between Bobby Portis, Julius Randle, Taj Gibson and Mitch Robinson. (Just fucking play Mitch Robinson).


Fizdale can ‘envision’ playing all three of his point guards in the same game?? Not on the floor at the same time. No, Fizdale is really out here like ‘maybe I’ll play all of my players who knows??’

Fizdale randomly giving Frank Ntilikina DNP’s last season was weird and totally unfair and it appears as though he is establishing that he’ll be doing that again next season even though it was so much more sense to play a pass-first point guard with RJ Barrett and Julius Randle instead of Dennis Smith Jr in a contract year.

Speaking of which, Dennis Smith Jr as your starting point guard? Yup, Knicks are losing every single game.

DSJ dribbles the air out of the ball. He took as many 3’s after 7+ dribbles as Terry Rozier and Dennis Schroder. That’s the company he’s in. That’s not a franchise point guard and that’s not someone you plug in next to RJ Barrett.

And let’s talk about Elfrid Payton who is 25 years old and still very much believes he is a starting point guard in the NBA and deserves a bag. He’s on an affordable 2-year/$16 million deal but he didn’t come to this team to be the third string point guard.

This is the man the Knicks signed to a 1-year $15 million contract to start over their 20-year old lottery pick that they’ve apparently already given up on after one season.

Makes sense. Marcus Morris is essentially the same Enes Kanter tough guy who’s going to say how much he loves New York and he’s going to try to fight everyone and he’s going to take too many shots and the second he sits in one 4th quarter, he’s going to run to the media and start shitting on the Knicks. Why do we keep doing this every year?

Guys, Marcus Morris took more 3-pointers last season than Kevin Durant, Joe Harris and Kyle Korver. (Reggie Bullock took 4 more 3’s than Morris and wow this team is going to be chucking up bricks all year).

This team is going to implode in on itself. Bobby Portis punched Nikola Mirotic in the face and broke his jaw. They were teammates. Bobby Portis also has ALREADY tried to fight Marcus Morris, his new teammate, in a game.

He and Randle defensively is just open season for opposing teams to penetrate as none of their power forwards can actually defend the rim. Wait until Fizdale finally brings in Mitchell Robinson to block shots. I’m sure Bobby Portis will handle the demotion well.

The Knicks are going to murder each other.

5 random 2019-20 New York Knicks predictions:

  • Last season, Kevin Knox statistically had one of the worst seasons in NBA history. RJ Barrett is going to ‘hold my beer’ those stats.
  • Julius Randle will average 20 and 10 and make the All-Star team.
  • Marcus Morris will be suspended for more games than the Knicks win all season.
  • The Knicks will trade Frank Ntilikina to a playoff team and the world is going to realize how talented he is and the Knicks will have shiny new 2nd round picks to match the egg all over their face.
  • I’m going to watch all 82 games because I’m a fool and a dummy.

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