2019-20 NBA Preview: The Boston Celtics Have Too Many Enes Kanter’s

If you were building a championship caliber basketball team, what would you say is the perfect amount of Enes Kanter’s to have on your roster?

Answer: zero.

But let’s put a pin in the Enes Kanter slander for right now. Trust me, there will be more later but in order to discuss the 2019-20 Celtics, we first need to look at last year’s team and what went wrong.

As I wrote about in the Knicks season preview, you are creating a problem when you acquire a bunch of young cats who all play the same position and haven’t been paid yet.

Following the 2017-18 season, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier were ready to take their games to the next level. They were one game away from beating LeBron James and marching into the NBA Finals with Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward both out with season-ending injuries. Somehow both of those players being injured were Kyrie’s fault.

They entered 2018-19 ready to be stars of the Celtics and Kyrie and Gordon, two max all-stars, were healthy as hell and ready to take all of the shots that the budding stars perceived to belong to them.

So naturally, you get a bunch of guys all pressing and trying too hard when they finally get the ball because they don’t know when they’re getting minutes and when Kyrie is going to actually pass them the ball.

Terry Rozier took more pull up 3’s than Klay Thompson and made 32% of them. Terry Rozier is not good enough to just step into 3-pointers as frequently as he did last season. That’s a man who knows he’s on a contract year and is out to get some buckets regardless of the offense the team is trying to run.

You can make the argument that Jayson Tatum’s declination was simply a sophomore slump and some of his rookie season shooting numbers were unsustainable to begin with.

Tatum’s 3-point shooting dropped from 43% to 37% but Tatum shooting 43% was still kinda nuts. One could assume his numbers will settle somewhere in the median. He also took slightly more free throws but he still needs to drive to the basket more aggressively.

Most importantly he finally grew a full beard so who knows what’ll happen with Tatum this season. Lightskin with a full beard??

Last season Marcus Smart destroyed his finger punching a hotel picture frame in a fit of rage after some IG model he used to poke posted petty shit about him. Pencil Tatum out for at least a month on some similar petty dating nonsense.

Fuckboy Fall, babyyyy.

Jaylen Brown had a pretty ordinary 2019 season and is in the midst of a contract dispute. Ben Simmons, Paskal Siakam and Jamal Murray all signed max extensions and Jaylen did not. Nor should have even been offered a max. But don’t tell Jaylen. How ever would Boston replace his 13 points a game??

But besides the young guys being weirdos, the Celtics have a chance to improve from last season. Replacing Kemba Walker with Kyrie Irving is huge for team chemistry alone.

They no longer have an asshole in the locker room talking down to them about his championship run and speaking to them like he’s some NBA vet even though he’s only like, two years older than them.

Kemba Walker is one of the best point guards in the league in the pick n roll and Brad Stevens is the coach who ran nonstop pick n roll plays to make Isaiah Thomas look like an NBA superstar.

Not only is Kemba a great pick n roll ball handler but he’s a far bigger threat off the ball than Kyrie which is ideal if the Celtics plan on running the offense more through Gordon Hayward like they did in Utah.

There is no reason this team can’t get homefield advantage again in the East with Toronto being less than and Indiana being Oladipo-less.

Well there is one reason:

Enter Enes Kanter.

Al Horford is one of the best defenders in the NBA. Enes Kanter is a troll on Twitter. Celtics about to give 200 points a night in the paint.

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