2017 NFL Power Rankings: The Regular Season Is Approaching

NFL training camp is coming. It is finally football season. Summer is cool or whatever but I can’t keep watching the Detroit Tigers lose 0-1 to the Cleveland Indians every night. Enough of that nonsense. Time to discuss FOOTBALL.[1. MAN STUFFFF.]

Here’s a little refresher on what happened in the offseason. This is a recap of where all of the chess pieces are heading into the preseason.

Here are the 2017 NFL Power Rankings heading into training camp:


32. New York Jets

christian hackenberg

Gun to my head, I’d say the Jets were bad at this whole ‘football’ thing that they’re trying to do. This team was built to win in 2016 and they punted on their future. Wellll, now it’s the future and Darrelle Revis, Nick Mangold and Brandon Marshall are gone with no clear replacements.

You can’t lose Pro Bowlers and replace them with scrubs but here we are. We’re also approaching the Christian Hackenberg era which I honestly cannot wait for. He is going to have Tim Tebow-esque interceptions. By all accounts, this man has no idea how to throw a football.


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