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20 Years Ago, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mike Tyson Meeting in a WWF Ring Changed The World

Wrestling fans like to all say that Ric Flair was the best talker. Or Hulk Hogan. Or The Rock. Or Chris Jericho. But Stone Cold Steve Austin was god’s gift to a microphone. You used to hang on his every word. Every time he inhaled the crowd would either boo or cheer. Literally, all he had to do was take a breath and the crowd went wild.

Enter Mike Tyson.

In 1998, Tyson was the baddest motherfucker on the planet. He was a 45-0 heavyweight boxer who was notorious for punching people’s head’s off of their necks. There was a legit moment where everyone thought Tyson was going to snap and explode Austin’s nose into pieces.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is the only reason that professional wrestling made it out of the 90’s. Him driving beer trucks and milk trucks and regular trucks to the ring was must-see TV. Stone Cold shattering beers together in celebration. I mean shit, the STONE COLD STUNNER THE STONE COLD STUNNER.




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