20 Things We All Need to Stop Doing Immediately

20 Things We All Need to Stop Doing Immediately



  1. Ending sentences with the word “ever”.



Exaggerating dominates everyday conversation and no word is more powerful than ‘ever’. “That was the best bagel ever.” “Wow, that was the worst movie ever.” Ending a sentence with the word ‘ever’ is a great way for us to make our boring sentences seem slightly less irrelevant.

comic book guy annoying things



  1. Posting all of our emotions and our location.


Social networking allows people to connect through the internet. But it’s the internet, which means it’s public. Often we use the internet as our own personal diary. Some people share all emotional changes they experience throughout the day. Next time you post something just remember, no one goes on twitter to read how you feel.


facebook notification annoying things

How bad do you want a notification.


  1. Self Diagnosis.


Yes, google is a great resource to research a current ailment you may be suffering from. Choosing to not go the doctor when you are clearly suffering just because you searched on WebMD and found you don’t have all the symptoms is retarded. If it looks and hurts like herpes, it’s herpes. Go to the doctor.

self diagnosis annoying things

Dr. Google



  1. Mirror Pictures.


Camera phones have changed the landscape of photography. We live in a world where everyone thinks they’re a photographer. Myspace generated a terrible precedent of attention starved girls taking pictures of themselves in their bathroom mirrors. Now its expected for every douchebag and anorexic slut with a facebook to have a mirror picture as their default.


mirror pic annoying things

“My mom loves this photo.”

  1. Pointless small talk.


You’re waiting on a long line at the bank and the person behind you says “I can’t believe how windy it is outside.”  For whatever reason it’s considered rude if you don’t respond to that nonsense. It’s Friday and you’re getting on a elevator at work or school and of course the person next to you starts asking about your plans for the weekend.

Why has silence become unacceptable? Let’s just all agree that if we have nothing substantial to say, we will remain in silence and not attempt to discuss the weather with the strangers around us. Thank you.

small talk annoying things

“I have nothing intelligent to say. How about that weather?”



  1. Tailgating the car in front of us.


Whenever you’re running late for something, there always seems to be an elderly woman driving in front of you on a one lane road. Of course our natural solution is to tailgate them. Maybe it’s in hopes that they’ll pull over in fear or maybe the thought that we’re saving seconds off of commute, but there’s truly no point. Just leave your house earlier. Problem Solved.

tail gate annoying things

“Maybe if i drive faster, the car in front of me will suddenly drive faster.”


  1. Idolizing/Hating Celebrities.


With the help of Twitter, we are able to communicate directly with any celebrity with an account. Some of us use this as a chance to praise and acknowledge the accomplishments of those we admire and others use this opportunity berate them.  Justin Beibers fans find it necessary to dedicate their life to his every action.

They are just singers or actors. Maybe our time is better well spent actually achieving our own accomplishments and leaving Demi Lovato alone.

chris brown annoying things

How many Chris Brown jokes does it take to make all Chris Brown jokes unfunny? The world may never know.


  1. Jumping on the Bandwagon.


As a kid everyone wants to be apart of the popular crowd. As we mature that desire should lessen but for many of us it never does. If everyone you know is voting for Barack Obama chances are, you will too. A sports team you never root for is doing well and all of a sudden they’re your new favorite team. There’s nothing wrong with following the crowd but let’s try having our own opinions sometimes.


bandwagon annoying things

There’s still some room on the bandwagon..


  1. Complaining About Technology.


As children we heard that the new millennium would bring new life-altering innovations. We have the ability to contact anyone we want at any time by just dialing a series of numbers. Don’t complain about not having service while driving through tunnels. We can sit down in a cushioned seat and be flown anywhere we want. Don’t complain about airline food. We use machines that can access limited information from any database in the world. There is no need to complain about slow internet.

technology annoying things




  1. Looking for flaws in movies.


Everyone has one friend that believes they are professionals critics. After every new movie they see they tell you all about the poor acting or plot holes. I don’t go the the theatres to see Transformers for the realistic story. I go to see Megan Fox’s boobs in 3D. Let Ebert and Roeper do their job and just watch the movie in silence.

ebert and roeper annoying things

I trust their opinion more than yours.

  1. Texting.


Being able to send text messages is one of the greatest tools of this generation. It saves the time of phone calls and makes leaving voice mails absolutely pointless. Sadly, we have completely abused this privilege and show no discretion when it comes to texting. If you need to contact the person on the couch next to you, just turn your head and speak.

Texting has removed the need to speak in person. If you’re driving, try focusing on the road in front of you and not what your boyfriend is texting you. If i order a buttered roll at a deli, I dont have time to waste on the worker sending a text to their fat wife. I just want my roll. Stop texting.

text annoying things

One for texts and one for sexts.

  1. Putting the Blame on Others.


Whenever something goes wrong, our first reaction is to determine whose fault it is. What is the purpose of this? When a problem occurs, there is no need to focus on who caused the problem. We can simply solve problems without having to know who created it. I believe there was a man in Germany with a thin mustache and dumb haircut that blamed an entire group of people for Germany’s problems. I don’t think that went so well.

blame annoying things

No one likes a tattle-tell.


  1. Saying that any time period in the past is better than the present.


We watch Mad Men and listen to music from Woodstock and wish we were there. We look back at our childhood and wish we could go back to the 80’s and 90’s. This is incredibly stupid. Any minority should be quite aware that civil rights weren’t obtained until around the 70’s. Women were completely disrespected until pretty recently. We live in the future with iPads and plasma televisions. Who gives a shit about the 80’s.

jane fonda annoying things

Alright, I kinda miss this…



  1. Wearing hats…everywhere.

There’s a time and place to wear a hat. I feel like wearing a snapback hat to the gym is not necessary in order to work out. If you’re not wearing a baseball mitt on second base of a baseball diamond, second guess wearing your hat to the beach.

swag annoying things

The oxymoron.


  1. Thinking we’re better than professional athletes.


LeBron James misses the game-winning shot and our first thought is about how atrocious he is at basketball. We immediately think we can throw a better football than Tom Brady after one incompletion. Derek Jeter strikes out and we know without a doubt that we could hit at least a double. We can’t. There’s a reason why their professional athletes and we’re buying their jerseys.

renaldo balkman annoying things

No but seriously, I could beat Renaldo Balkman one-on-one.


  1. Waiting on line hours before something comes out.

The new Call of Duty is coming out and kids across the globe loss their mind. They pre-order these new games thus insuring a reserved copy at the local video game store, so why camp outside of the store for a midnight release? We live in a world where we expect everything to just appear instantly. Patience is a thing of the past. It’s sad.

camping annoying things

How bad do you want a Playstation 3?



  1. Complaining about our appearance and doing nothing to change it.


“Ugh, I’m so fat, i wish i could lose weight”, a fat woman moments before biting into a burger. As i’ve mentioned through this whole article, we love to complain about pretty much everything except we do nothing to improve our situation. If you’re overweight and hope to improve your physical appearance, you can diet and exercise.

No need to talk everyday about how you wish you could skinnier like its some unrealistic utopia. If you’re a really skinny and weak guy, don’t tell everyone you know you wish you were bigger and stronger. You are allowed to lift weights, no one’s stopping you.

fat annoying things

At least she’s making an effort, right?

  1. Saying ‘YOLO’.

I won’t say much  here. Let’s just retire this. It’s literally one of the most annoying things people do. If you still say YOLO, expect to punched in your chest from now on.


sunglasses at night annoying things

sunglasses at night #YOLO


  1. Arguing in public.


Watching a couple argue is probably the most awkward thing to witness. You are instantly embarrassed for the unhappy couple but for some reason you can’t look away. There’s something about being there for the escalating action. Hopefully someone cries. If you’re having problems with your spouse, please don’t show it on the grocery store check-out line.

And on the same note, there’s nothing wrong with disciplining your children but you don’t need to scream and curse at your children in parking lots. Beat your children or spouse in the privacy of your own home like a normal person.

young couple annoying things

“I said sit on this park bench while i shop for more obnoxious colored t-shirts!”


  1. Hating our bosses.


A majority of people go to a job that they truly hate. They focus this hate o their bosses that order them around and show no empathy for their employee’s situation. More likely than not, your boss has their own boss. They too are just doing their jobs. Often jealousy contributes to the hate of our bosses because they make more money and have more money but they’ve most likely put the work in to achieve their job title. Instead of hating our bosses let’s work harder or maybe just find a job we actually enjoy. It’s possible.

michael scott annoying things

Who could hate this man?


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