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19 TV Shows You Need To Be Watching This Summer

Spend your summer inside watching TV

The Summer has arrived which means one thing and one thing only: time to stay inside with the AC on and binge watch TV while you ignore invites from your friends and burn through sick days.

Here are the 19 tv shows you need to be watching this summer:

1. The Hot Zone

The only commercial I’ve seen in the past month is for The Hot Zone on National Geographic. I’m a sucker for a miniseries and commercials work on me every time. I grew up drinking Coca-Cola because a polar bear told me to.

Julianna Margulies should be in every single TV show.

2. Animal Kingdom (Season 4)

This is my guilty pleasure show. That Animal Kingdom/Claws TNT annual summer run is important over here at Deadseriousness HQ. With all the nonsense of Alabama wanting to kill women, we just need a break from all the heavy stuff.

Enter Animal Kingdom, a show about 4 brothers robbing banks and dealing with their internal desire to bang Ellen Barkin.

3. Archer 1999

Archer has been on since 2009. That’s insane. This show has been in my life longer than most people in my phone contacts.

I should also add, it hasn’t been good for like, 5 of those 10 years but you still have to respect both the show’s longevity and the creativity to reinvent the show every single year.

(I wish they didn’t reinvent the show every single year)

4. Good Omens

If you are a fan of the previous 15 years of television, Good Omens is a celebration to your commitment. David Tennant and Michael Sheen star amongst a cast of TV stars like Jon Hamm, Nick Offerman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Brian Cox etc etc.

I cancelled my Amazon Prime because I don’t want to be complicit in Amazon’s future human genocides but yea, you guys can let me know if this show knocks.

5. Swamp Thing

I’m adding this show because I would imagine if you pay to subscribe to the DC Universe then you are definitely hyped for Swamp Thing mainly because DC Universe has like, three shows, and it costs $75 a year.

Quick round of applause to DC though for dominating the CW network and STILL having extra content to fill a whole streaming service. Perhaps they should stop trying to make movies and just double-down on TV.

6. Jessica Jones (Season 3)

The end Marvel’s Netflix run comes this summer which Jessica Jones has a lot of heavy lifting to do in order to wrap the whole franchise in a bow. Personally, I would love if this became the second season of The Defenders that we never received.

7. The Handmaid’s Tale (Season 3)

The Handmaid’s show is not so quietly the best show on TV right now. Elizabeth Moss deserves every award that this world has to offer. It is an excruciating watch at times because it feels so real and the Trump administration is clearly using it as a blueprint for their legislation but it’s also a must-watch.

8. Black Mirror (Season 5)

The last time we saw Black Mirror appear on the Netflix home screen, they released a wack ass movie that was ‘choose your own adventure’ except if you picked the wrong choice, the scene would reset until you got it right.

Dear every show creator in the world: make a fucking show. I don’t want to participate in the plot. I want to sink into my couch and watch things. I don’t want to be button smashing every 70 seconds.

9. Big Little Lies (Season 2)

This story for sure didn’t need a second season but Meryl Streep so let’s just go with it. Nicole Kidman and Laura Dern acted their asses off so if they can run that back, let’s do it.

10. Pose (Season 2)

I’m only halfway through the second episode so I can’t give a full endorsement of Pose yet but from what I’ve seen thus far, fire emoji.

11. Jett

This is for me. Give me all of the Alias/La Femme Nikita female spy shit. Deadseriusness is a Carla Gugino fan page. Watch Jett because I’m writing 90 articles about Jett.

12. Euphoria

Couldn’t watch Game of Thrones this season without seeing a full Euphoria trailer. Can Zendaya carry a tv series with Drake as the executive producer or is that one of the dumbest sentences I’ve ever written? Find out this summer.

13. The Detour (Season 4)

I’ve spent the last three years trying to convince everyone to watch The Detour. You should watch The Detour.

14. Dark (Season 2)

Dark might be one of the dumbest shows I’ve ever sat through but that’s the thing about Netflix, you start a show at 9am and all of a sudden it’s 1pm and you’re already halfway through the series so you might as well finish what you started.

If you like time traveling Germans then Dark is the show for you!!

15. Legion (Season 3)

Legion is entering it’s third and final season. Although the narrative plot has veered in a bit of a silly direction, Legion remains one of the most visually ambitious shows on television and every single episode has a brand new shot that you’ve never seen before.

And everything Aubrey Plaza does is genius.

16. Stranger Things (Season 3)

It’s wild that these monsters keep attacking this small midwestern town. Wait, imagine if the new season had no monsters. It was just 13 hours of that episode from last season when Eleven went to Chicago and hung out with those other weirdos that were dressed like Party City employees during Halloween season.

17. Mindhunter (Season 2)

mindhunter best tv shows of 2017

It feels like Mindhunter came out in 2011 but I’m still hyped for season 2 regardless. David Fincher is one of the best directors to ever do it and Mindhunter is essentially an 8 hour long movie about serial killer hunting. I’m all in.

18. Succession (Season 2)

Succession is like Game of Thrones except it takes place in 2019 and instead of dragons and swords, there are iPhones and cocaine. Relatable content. Cannot wait to see how they pull off their version of the red wedding.

19. Preacher (Season 4)

It is the fourth and final season and probably the single weirdest show on television. Hitler was a recurring character. God was dommed. I don’t know what else to say to explain how strange this shit was.

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