17 Thoughts After Watching Kawhi Leonard Hit The Biggest Game 7 Shot in NBA History

  1. Kawhi Leonard is the healthiest human in the history of humans.
  2. Physically, that shot should have never gone in. If you hit the front of the rim, the ball cannot bounce backward like that unless you’re Kawhi Leonard who has the most ridiculous backspin on his shot.
  3. The Spurs really traded this man away for DeMar DeFuckingRozan. That’s like trading Thanos for Hawkeye.
  4. I literally never want to hear another word out of Demar’s mouth. That man was crying about betrayal as if the Raptors didn’t become astronomically greater when they acquired the best basketball player in the world.
  5. Kawhi Leonard is the best basketball player in the world.
  6. 41 points on 16-of-39 shooting from the field. Everyone get off the court and give Kawhi room for his nuts to hang.
  7. Lol at The Process
  8. As much as I defend Ben Simmons’s refusal to shoot jumpers, kind of a tough look to go directly against the one player in the league who is willing and able to take infinity mid-range jumpers.
  9. You suck, Ben.
  10. No seriously, Ben made 4 shots.
  11. Trade Ben Simmons to New Orleans for Anthony Davis, cowards.
  12. Remember Markelle Fultz? Yea, neither do I.
  13. Fire everyone in the San Antonio Spurs medical staff.
  14. Fire the San Antonio Spurs into the sun.
  15. This is the greatest shot in the history of the Los Angeles Clippers.
  16. And yes, he is leaving Toronto immediately. This shot doesn’t change a thing. He’s returned zero of Drake’s texts.
  17. Giannis is going to eat the Raptors alive next round.


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