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’17 Golden State Warriors vs. ’96 Chicago Bulls

There is a stupid debate going around the internet about who would win in a 7-game series. What is the greatest team of all time: The 2016-2017 Golden State Warriors or the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls?

Las Vegas currently has the current Golden State Warriors as a 6.5 point favorite of those Bulls and with the way the Warriors are currently playing, it makes sense. They are about to have the most historic postseason in NBA history. If they sweep the Cleveland Cavaliers then they’d go 16-0. Undefeated in the playoffs. Jesus.

But let’s actually break down what would happen if the 67-15 Warriors take on the 72-10 Bulls.

First, we have to establish the ground rules. The Bulls have home-field advantage because they have a better record. Also, the home team gets the refereeing style of their playing day which means when the Bulls are home, they can hand check and bodyslam players as they come down the lane and when Golden State is at home, you can dribble in circles like Bob Cousy without being touched.

Now we have to break down the key matchups. Both teams have some of the best defenders of all time. The two biggest problems are clearly Michael Jordan and Kevin Durant. Both men are straight up unstoppable. Having said that, I think Scottie Pippen guards Durant and vise versa. Durant will obviously get his shots off but Pippen will be in his jersey the whole game.

I think Golden State has to put Klay Thompson on Michael Jordan. Thompson has proven this year that he can defend any guard in the league but Michael Jordan is a different animal. The amount of physical excursion it would take for Klay to guard MJ would make him irrelevant on offense. Klay’s entire offensive skill is running around without the ball and after guarding MJ for 40 minutes, he’d have no legs to shoot.

This is where it gets interesting. There’s still a Steph Curry running around the perimeter and I love Dennis Rodman but he’d get torched on the perimeter. So this is where the matchups change. I think Klay guards MJ but Jordan guards Steph Curry. I want/need to see Michael Jordan chokeslam little Steph Curry when he tries to get cute coming down the lane.

Draymond Green makes Toni Kukoc borderline irrelevant and Ron Harper and Andre Igoudala are doing their thing off to the side or whatever. I’ve clearly run out of steam/excitement here.


The Chicago Bulls win because Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time and the Warriors would get beat to the ground if they played slowass hard foul-filled 90’s basketball. That’s the only correct answer. Debate over.





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