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13 Most Disappointing Players of the 2019 MLB Season So Far

We’re approaching the beginning of June which means we can no longer defend certain players by saying they’re off to a ‘slow start’. No one is ‘starting’ anymore. We’re two months in and some guys have fallen off a cliff.

Here are the 13 most disappointing players of the 2019 MLB season so far:

1. Joey Votto

For all the Mike Trout deepthroating baseball media does, Joey Votto might go down as the greatest hitter of our generation. Earlier this season Votto popped out to first…for the first time in his 13 year career.

Now look at him.

Seeing ghosts out there. Pray for Joe Vo.

2. Robinson Cano

The New York Mets woke up one morning and decided that they NEEDED a 36-year second baseman who is set to make $24 million a year for the next half decade. Robinson Cano is the highest paid second baseman in the sport. He’s batting .241 with 3 homers. $24 million.

And people in Queens are pissed that Cano refuses to run to first base (even though he never has in his life) Well, this week, he finally attempted to run.

Annnd then his quad exploded.

3. Jacob deGrom

What if this list was all New York Mets players? Would it be clickbait or is it clickbait if it’s NOT all New York Mets players? In all of 2018, deGrom only had one start where he allowed more than 3 runs. ONE (1) start. In 2019, he’s done that 3 times already.


4. Noah Syndergaard

Lolololol. Imagine having to wear a Mets jersey in 2019. Noah Syndergaard has all the tools to be a perennial Cy Young candidate. His ERA is quickly approaching 5.00.

But he did have a complete game shutout where the only run the Mets scored was his own solo home run. It’s outings like that one that makes you scratch your head when he immediately comes back in his next start and allows 4 runs and 9 hits. Be. Better. Plz.

5. Jose Ramirez

Jose Ramirez finished 3rd in MVP voting last season. Last season might as well have been 4,000 years ago as Ramirez is currently batting .198 with 4 lonely homers.

There better be a report that he is secretly struggling with like, broken legs or something because there is no excuse for how poorly he is performing. It’s no coincidence that Cleveland is 10 games behind the Minnesota Twins with their best hitter forgetting turning into Adam Dunn.

6. Yu Darvish

I reckon it’s a bit unfair to put Yu Darvish on this list considering he was trash last season and he’s still trash so perhaps that isn’t ‘disappointing’. And then you remember he’s making $20 million this season and he shouldn’t have a 5.40 ERA.

Darvish missed a majority of 2018 with an elbow injury. Now he’s back and I’m sure Cubs fans wish his elbow snaps again.

7. Aaron Nola

Many people thought Aaron Nola would step up and be the Cy Young favorite this season and by ‘many people’ I mean myself. I thought so.

Even though Nola is 5-0 on the season, we all recognize that wins and losses are no longer a meaning metric in determining whether a not a pitcher is performing well. Nola is walking 3.9 batters per 9 innings which is up from 2.5 the year prior.

New rule: Don’t have a 4.53 ERA.

8. JA Happ

It’s difficult to wrap your head around the 2-year $34 million deal the Yankees decided to hand to a 36-year old with a shitload of innings on his arm that primarily throws fastballs. Fun fact: 36-year old fastball reliant pitchers stink.

9. Bryce Harper

bryce harper

Bryce Harper Stats: .230 BA .359 OBP .445 Slugging 70 strikeouts 13-year $330 million contract.

Oh no.

10. Matt Kemp

When I first starting making this list, my reasoning for including Matt Kemp was exclusively due to the fact that I thought he would use this new opportunity in Cincinnati to revitalize his career.

And then this happened:


11. Corey Seager

Corey Seager was arguably the best shortstop in baseball before he missed 2018 with an elbow injury. Now he’s returned and he’s playing like a broken man.

This season, he’s batting .237 with 4 home runs. He went from a rare shortstop that can field the position well AND rake to like, Alex Gonzalez on the 2003 Florida Marlins.

12. Matt Carpenter

Matt Carpenter finished in the Top 10 in MVP voting last season after carrying St. Louis on his back. It would appear as though his back has given out as he’s batting only .220 and gets ejected from games more frequently than he gets on base.

Recently the Cardinals have moved Carpenter lower in the lineup and he’s returned to form a bit but as of right now, his season is disappointing as hell.

13. Chris Sale

1-6 win-loss record. 4.19 ERA. 10 home runs given up. 3 quality starts out of 11 starts. 2 inch penis.

Chris Sale is the worst pitcher in baseball.


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