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12 Thoughts After Watching The Between Two Ferns: The Movie Trailer

  1. Glad to see Zach Galifianakis back in a full length feature film after they beat the Hangover franchise to the ground.
  2. We get it, Zach is overweight and dumb. Hilarious stuff, guys.
  3. One time I invited a girl over to ‘Netflix and Chill‘ and chose to put on that movie Mastermind starring Zach and Kristin Wiig.
  4. I haven’t seen that girl again.
  5. Seriously.
  6. Needless to say, I’m down on Zach Galifianakis movies but Between Two Ferns is bulletproof.
  7. Zach sits across from a celebrity and mocks them to their face. Works every time.
  8. I wonder if that same girl is down to watch this Between Two Ferns movie? She can even bring her new boyfriend if she chooses to.
  9. Also real quick: Funny or Die is still a thing? Remember those old weird Will Ferrell Youtube videos? Why did they even start Funny or Die? It wasn’t that funny and no one died.
  10. Quick shout out to Jon Hamm for still getting work. You deserve this.
  11. “Have you ever seen a chicken strip” “I’ve never seen a chicken wear clothes” Comedy, ladies and gentlemen. Comedy.
  12. (This movie is probably going to suck because every movie on Netflix sucks).

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