12 GIFs From “Hotline Bling” Music Video That Prove Drake Is The Lamest Guy On Planet Earth

“Hotline Bling” is a song that exists in which Drake cries about an ex who doesn’t call him anymore. Drake is rich and successful and still won’t stop crying about his 11th grade breakup. Anyway, he released the accompanying video yesterday and reminded the world that he’s an old Jewish man from Canada.

Here are 12 of his most FIRE dance moves… Absolute magma on the dance floor:


That 2-Step

drake 1



That Genie in a Bottle

drake 2



That Pollo Loco


drake 3



That “I think I saw this move on Vine once, am I doing it right?”

drake 4



That Awaken the Solar Plexus Chakra

drake 5



That “Nah, I’m cool. Go back to the party. I’m just over here on the steps chillin, not crying…”

drake 6



That “I’ve totally had sex before. Trust me.”

drake 7



That Horchata Tea Party

drake 8



That Floor is Lava

drake 9



That Stanky Greg

drake 10



That DVR Rewind

drake 11



And finally, that “Okay, I’m completely out of dance moves… The camera isn’t still rolling, right?..”

drake 12



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