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11 Thoughts After Watching The Irishman Trailer

  1. After all these years, ‘you people’ aren’t done getting excited about white gangster movies?
  2. I tapped out after I went to the theatres to see Johnny Depp playing Whitey Bulger and it looked like Tim Burton made it. It was a like a Nightmare Before Christmas live-action remake.
  3. Speaking of which, I’m shocked Disney hasn’t made a Nightmare Before Christman live-action remake yet.
  4. But wait yes, back to The Irishman, a Martin Scorsese movie starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci which is supposed to be a big deal but it’s safe to say all four of those men’s primes are far far behind them.
  5. The big headline for this movie is the de-aging of the elderly stars.

6. Oh.

7. This looks like a cutscene from a Playstation 2 Goodfella video game. Which would be amazing graphics for a Playstation but I’m under the impression we are supposed to believe that man is actually Robert De Niro. Ok.

8. This seems like a good a time as any to talk about Al Pacino’s acting and how awful it is. He always speaks in a strange cadence that real life humans never speak in.

9. Oh, this is the guy you claim is one of the greatest actors? He speaks as if he’s remembering his lines in real time and he shouts in excitement as he memories reform.

10. Also, Harvey Keitel is in this movie too apparently so I cant wait for those two to go back and forth speaking as if they spent their entire lives deaf and just were given the gift of hearing earlier that week.

11. Finally, let’s all remember this is a Netflix movie so there is a 0% chance it’ll be good. 0%.

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