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11 Thoughts About Christian Yelich Signing 9-Year $215 Million Contract


1. Christian Yelich is 28-years old and won’t hit free agency until 2023 so the Brewers offering him any sort of contract is a massive favor to their boy.

2. Entering free agency at age 31 would almost guarantee he’d miss out on some of these massive 10-year deals that baseball loves handing out to stars.

3. Yelich was the 2018 NL MVP and if it weren’t for an injury that cost him the final month of the season, he most likely would’ve won the trophy in back-to-back seasons.

4. Last week I wrote that Yelich was the best hitter in baseball.

5. I still believe he looks like he spends a lot of time chasing rare Pokemon on Pokemon Go and that’s fine when you’re the best player in the game. Work hard play hard.

6. It seems like the Brewers are doing Christian a favor by giving him a raise and extending him essentially through the end of his career.

7. Except it appears as though he’d only be netting an average salary of $27 million which would be less than Mike Trout, Nolan Arrenado, Miguel Cabrera, Albert Pujols, Manny Machado, Jose Altuve and Yoenis Cespedes.

8. By this time next year, he’ll be making less than Mookie Betts, Cody Bellinger and potentially Aaron Judge or Alex Bregman depending on how well they play this season.

9. We should also recognize that no one wants to stay in Milwaukee. Yasmani Grandal and Mike Moustakas just dipped out in free agency and if Yelich made it to the market, he’d be out of there too. No one wants to hang out with Ryan Braun.

10. Good for Christian Yelich for getting his raise but I can’t help but think he left a lot more money on the table and Milwaukee knows they got a huge discount for the best hitter in the game.

11. A lot of people are going to congratulate Milwaukee for this shortcut. Not here. You blew it Christian and now star players who want bigger deals will have to take a cut because owners are going to point to your deal as the new benchmark.




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