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10 Years Later, Amanda Knox For Sure Murdered That Chick, Right?

Sooo we have approached the 10 year anniversary of Amanda Knox being accused of murdering her roommate Meredith Kercher and Knox is as creepy as ever as she has recently written an op-ed about her interactions with Meredith.

There are some people who believe I have no right to mourn Meredith. They believe that I had something to do with her murder—I didn’t—or that Meredith has been forgotten in the wake of my own struggle for justice—she hasn’t. Either way, they feel that Meredith and I are inextricably linked, so it’s simply not fair that I haven’t lost everything, as she has. They are wrong.

I’ll be honest, Knox should probably stop talking about Meredith. After watching the Amanda Knox Netflix documentary that came out last year, it’s pretty clear that there is a screw loose in this woman’s head. Every time she opens her mouth it’s like an Ed Kemper interview from Mindhunter.

Amanda Knox for sure killed that chick, right?

Sure, this happened in the mid 2000’s but I feel like I could go to Italy right now, murder someone and get away with it no problem. Italy is international waters. No rules over there. You could probably overthrow their government over the course of a weekend.

I still have images of her fake tears in my brain. She cried like a freshman who rushed a sorority and didn’t get a chance to finish her research paper so she cried to her English professor to get an extension while still hungover.

The worst part is that I know me. I look at myself in the mirror every morning and I’m honest with myself. If I was on a jury and Amanda looked over to me during the trial, it’d move a little bit. Blood would be moving from one part of my body to the other. I’d say she was innocent in the hopes that I could join her in one of her orgies that end in dead roommates.

Shout out to my girl Amanda for beating the case and continuing to pretend like she had no part in Meredith’s murder. Can’t knock the hustle. If you’re reading this, text me, plz.





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