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10 TV Shows That You Need To Be Watching This Summer

Most people spend their summer on the beach or on vacation ya know, on a foreign beach but not I. I am inside an air-conditioned room writing articles about teachers banging students all day and squeezing every single penny out of my Netflix subscription.

Summer TV is extremely underrated. Mad Men debuted in July and that was the best pilot episode I’ve ever seen. Summer TV is the perfect time for networks to sneak in new shows right under our dumb noses.

Here are 10 TV shows that you need to be watching this summer:


1. Sharp Objects

I bought all the Amy Adams stock when she was Brenda in Catch Me If You Can marrying Leonardo DiCaprio and now look at me. I’m rich. I’m Scrooge McDucking in a pile of Amy Adams’s success.

Amy Adams is one of the best actors in the game and she’s following the HBO formula of getting your own TV series in which you flex all of your acting muscles so you can hang that Emmy off your rearview mirror. Thank you, Matthew McConaughey.

If you like small town murder mysteries than you’re going to love Sharp Objects. If you don’t like small town murder mysteries than what is wrong with you? What do you like? Nick Cannon’s Wild N Out? Watch Sharp Objects. Amy deserves your viewership.


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