10 Thoughts About The Milwaukee Bucks Sweeping The Detroit Pistons

  1. Ohhhh, okay yea. I get why the Milwaukee Bucks were the 1 seed in the East. Milwaukee beat Detroit by 35, 21, 16 and 23. Yes, it was a 1 vs. 8 matchup with the best player on the 8 not heathly enough to play but it’s still basketball. Games are close. Unless it’s a Bucks game in which case it’s an automatic blowout from the opening tip.

2. Well, shiiiiit.

3. Giannis and Ish Smith need to never be on the same basketball court at the same time ever again.

4. Shout out to Stan Van Gundy for putting together the dumbest collection of ‘talent’ we’ve seen in years. Van Gundy drafted Luke Kennard right before Donovan Mitchell. Genius. Glad ESPN put together Van Gundy and Paul Pierce for their NBA Countdown show. The Brain Trust.

5. This is the first time the Milwaukee Bucks have made it out of the first round since 2001. That’s insane. Creating a winning basketball organization is fucking impossible. Giannis was 7 years old when Ray Allen was the Bucks star player. *Michael Redd turns to dust*

6. Giannis Antetokounmpo finished the sweep with 41 points on 12-for-23 shooting with two 3’s, 9 rebounds and 3 assists. Let’s just hurry up and hand him the MVP award before he breaks his hand dunking too hard on Andre Drummond’s cranium.

7. Speaking of Andre Drummond, is there any other All-Star caliber player in the NBA who seems more lost throughout a basketball game than Drummond? If he misses one layup or doesn’t get a foul call, he mentally checks out of the game entirely. How are you a 7-foot tall, 25-year old man that doesn’t put 100% effort into the game unless you are constantly getting your shoulders rubbed and told how great you? Andre Drummond is a bitch.

8. Damn, I didn’t realize I had such a strong opinion on Drummond.

9. Also real quick and in the same breath, can we get Blake Griffin some fucking help? My man is out there playing on one leg for Detroit while Reggie Jackson bricks floaters off the backboard. BOOOOO Ish Smith.

10. The Boston Celtics struggled to score any points against a Pacers team without Victor Oladipo. Sure, they had some huge 4th quarters to break away but again, that’s typical when facing a team who is without their 4th quarter star. The Bucks have the best defense and the best offense left in the playoffs. Milwaukee in 4. Giannis is about to dunk on Gordon Hayward so hard his other leg is going to shatter.

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