10 Thoughts About Russell Wilson Becoming The Highest Paid Player in the NFL

  1. Russell Wilson gave the Seattle Seahawks a midnight deadline to give him a new bag by midnight and the Seahawks gave him a new bag at midnight. So inspiring. Everyone walk into your jobs tomorrow morning and demand a raise by midnight or you’re out. Follow our new financial guru, Russ.
  2. Earl Thomas must be SICK. My man tried to hold out last season for a new deal. The Seahawks left his ass on read. Earl Thomas had to awkwardly show up when the season started because he needed the paychecks. Then his leg snapped. Spoiler: he didn’t get the money he wanted. He’s throwing darts at a photo of Russell Wilson right now.
  3. Last February, Jimmy Garoppolo was the highest paid player in the NFL. I don’t think he’s ever thrown a pass in the NFL. There might be grainy footage of him talking to Tom Brady on the sidelines of a Patriots practice one time.
  4. For anyone who believes Wilson doesn’t deserve to be the highest paid player in the NFL shut up. ALSO, here are some stats for your ass:
  • 3rd most rushing yards in first 7 career seasons
  • 3rd most passing touchdowns in first 7 career seasons
  • 69 passing touchdowns since 2017 which leads the NFL
  • 100.3 Passer rating is the 2nd highest in NFL HISTORY

mad decent.

5. This means the Cardinals have to draft Kyler Murray, right? Murray is an exact replicant of Russell Wilson. Most analysts say he’s even better than Wilson. Teams should be fighting to the death to get that kid.

6. There were rumors floating around that Russ wanted to play in New York because his wife didn’t want to be in Seattle anymore. Lolololol, yea right. How could the Giants afford to pay Russell Wilson when they’re about to re-sign Eli Manning and make him the next highest paid player in the league?

7. Is Future ok? Look, Future is a bad guy. BUT, you never want your ex to find a guy that’s better than you. You never want your ex to find a guy who’s exponentially richer than you. Future is leeeeaaaaaning right now.

8. Super Slimey 2 is going to be FIRE.

9. Pray for Russell Wilson’s ex-wife.

10. You made it, brother.

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