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10 Thoughts About Magic Johnson Randomly Stepping Down as Lakers Team President

  1. The only thing better than lying on your resume to get a job that you are not in any way qualified for is quitting unexpectedly when you realize that job is wayyyy too hard for you.
  2. Last season the Lakers won 35 games and finished 11th in the West. This season the Lakers signed LeBron James, won 37 games and finished 11th in the West and you know for a fact Magic Johnson is like ‘welp, job well done. I improved the Lakers. I’m out’.
  3. LeBron James signed a 4-year deal to play for the Lakers and work for Magic Johnson. Magic is gone and whoever comes in is about to be like ‘this team is trash. Why do we have a 35-year old making all this money? Let’s trade him for draft picks’ and LeBron is going to wake up in Minnesota or some shit.
  4. Magic said it really bothered him that he couldn’t congratulate Russell Westbrook after his huge 20-20-20 triple-double and he was upset that he couldn’t work with Ben Simmons. My man really hit the Lakers with the ‘I’m not ready to be in a committed relationship right now’ and he’s about to be out here hoeing with other NBA players and posting mad thotty pics on IG to make the Lakers jealous.
  5. Quitting right before free agency and the draft is hilarious. Some random guy who watched zero seconds of college basketball is going to running the Lakers draft. Don’t be shocked when the Lakers waste their lottery pick on Kyle Guy, that white kid who hit game-winning free throws for Virginia in the Final Four who has no business playing in the NBA.
  6. All of the men in Jeannie Buss’s life suck. Two years ago she had to take the team away from her brother because he had no idea what he was doing. Then she had to dump Phil Jackson because he has dementia and now Magic just publicly dumped her without even giving her a head’s up first.
  7. I don’t think free agents decide what team they’re going to play for based on who’s running the front office. But I also don’t think free agents want to play with Brandon Ingram and Alex Caruso so Magic Johnson was the only real advantage the Lakers had over other teams with cap space.
  8. This is the man running the show in LA now:

9. The Lakers are about to give Jimmer Fredette the max.

10. “Now we all laughin hard, gettin nice and weeded
Celebratin nigga, heist completed” -Magic Johnson

Now we all laughin hard, gettin nice and weeded

Celebratin nigga, heist completed

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