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10 Thoughts About Aaron Hicks Signing a 7-Year $70 Million Extension

  1. Aaron Hicks is a Top 5 centerfielder in the American League and he might be at the top of that Top 5 depending on which outfield position Mike Trout plays on a given night or how much you value Jackie Bradley Jr.’s defense over his average ass offense. Hicks had the 6th highest WAR among all outfielders last season and a remarkably higher WAR than that bum Bryce Harper.
  2. $10 million a year for one of the best outfielders in baseball is an absolute steal especially considering that guys like Nolan Arenado and Manny Machado are making around $30 million a year for just as many if not more years than Hicks just signed for.
  3. Aaron Hicks’s contract will end when he’s 36 which is scary but Machado’s deal will end at that same age and if Bryce Harper gets his 10-year deal then his contract will also end at age 36. 36 is the wave.
  4. Hicks played 137 out of 162 games last season and was pretty much an everyday starter. This isn’t like signing Jacoby Ellsbury who was already injury prone before he signed the dotted line and is now collecting paychecks from the local rehab center.
  5. The Yankees front office seems to be done adding starters to this team. It appears as though this roster is built for long term success with each other and they’re building more of a family than in previous years where the team was just a bunch of random mercenaries joining every winter. Remember when Bobby Abreu was a Yankee? That was random. Those days are over. Sorry, Vernon Wells.
  6. $10 million per year is so incredibly unfair for Aaron Hicks that I might actually feel bad if he has a big year. I get he’s newly married and has a child and just wants financial security and yes, I will never have anywhere near $10 million in my bank account but what I’m about to say is an original quote that totally was never rapped by Drake before: ‘Know yourself, know your wealth’.
  7. Oh and this deal will totally implode the free agency market. A free agency market that is already caving in on itself. Dallas Keuchel is still a free agent. Craig Kimbrel might sit out the entire season because no one will pay him what he wants. And now Hicks just signed this team-friendly deal that will absolutely cause a labor strike down the road.
  8. Aaron Judge’s extension is going to be like, whatever is in Hal Steinbrenner’s wallet that day, a $25 iTunes gift card and a signed Giancarlo Stanton jersey. Can’t wait.
  9. SEEEE YAAAAA, CLINT. Hicks, Judge and Stanton are three outfielders that will be on this team for almost a decade. If anything, the Yankees appear to be saving that last outfield spot for Estevan Florial. Kick rocks, Clint.



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