10 Quarterbacks Who Will Be Playing in Different Cities in 2019

There is nothing I love more than mocking bad NFL starting quarterbacks. It’s my favorite past time. No one gets happier when Matty Stafford tosses an interception than I do. 

And fortunately for me, there are only about 6 good quarterbacks in the league which means teams either have to commit to their mediocre QBs or they can rotate the same bums around.

Here are 10 quarterbacks who will be playing in different cities next season:


1. Teddy Bridgewater

It’s a real shame that the New Orleans Saints hoarded Teddy Bridgewater all season long while teams like Buffalo and Washington were signing guys out of retirement.

Free Teddy. There will be plenty of teams drafting quarterbacks that will need Bridgewater to, oh no here comes a pun, bridge the gap. I hate me, too.



2. Joe Flacco

joe flacco

The Ravens have already made it loud and clear that Lamar Jackson is the quarterback going forward, which may or may not be a massive mistake, but you know who 1000% is worse than Lamar Jackson? Joey Flacco.

Flacco won a championship a bajillion years ago so needless to say, he’ll get a starting job for the remainder of history. As long as he wants to work, all he has to do is walk into a team’s facility and flash his Super Bowl ring. Signed.


3. Blake Bortles

blake bortles

If you get benched for Cody Kesler, it’s a wrap, my guy. Doug Marrone almost laced them up and played QB himself just to get Bortles out of there. 8 fumbles. 10 interceptions. Jacksonville going 3-8 when he starts.

BUT, Bortles went to the AFC Championship game the year prior and was two quarters away from beating the New England Patriots. Have you seen Tom Brady play this season? Shit, Bortles might end up having to replace Brady in Foxboro next year at this rate.


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4. Andy Dalton

The wheels fell off the Bengals hot start this season and it all hit a peak when Marvin Lewis brought in Hue Jackson to be his ‘assistant’ only for reports to come out that Hue Jackson will be replacing him.

Safe to say that if Marvin Lewis is going, his boy Andy Dalton is going down with him. It’s Jeff Driskill time, babyyyy.


5. Jameis Winton

jameis winston

Jameis Winston is a sex offender. That is all.

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