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10 Players That Need To Find New Homes Before The NFL Trade Deadline

The NFL trade deadline is approaching on October 30th and for the first time in my lifetime, NFL teams are really out here making trades like Major League Baseball just shipping stars out for players to be named later.


Here are 10 players that need to find new homes before the NFL trade deadline:


1. Kelvin Benjamin

Kelvin Benjamin might be one of the biggest assholes in the NFL. First, he shit on Cam Newton for being the least accurate quarterback in the league and that Benjamin would have better numbers if literally any other quarterback threw him the rock.

Then Josh Allen asked him if we wanted to practice routes and Kelvin was like ‘lol, nah’. It’s almost as if Kelvin Benjamin is the problem and it’s not everyone else in the world around him. I don’t know where you send Benjamin but I don’t know how to develop your rookie QB when the WR1 doesn’t return his texts.


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