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10 NBA Players That Desperately Need a Change of Scenery This Summer

Sometimes a player just needs a change of scenery to revitalize their career. Whether it’s the city they’re playing in, the teammates around them or the inability of their franchises to make smart moves, some players need a breath of fresh air.

Some players are buried on the bench. Some players deserve more money and a bigger role. Some players just need to leave their current team before they fight all of their teammates.

Here are 10 NBA players that need a change of scenery.

1. Kemba Walker

kemba walker

Does anyone on Earth believe that the Charlotte Hornets are going to have a good offseason? Didn’t think so. Whoever they hire to be their new head coach will be a nonfactor. Financially, they are incapable of improving the roster outside of the draft and historically, Michael Jordan drafts bums.

From Adam Morrison to Malik Monk, I don’t trust this team in the NBA Draft at all. So let’s release Kemba Walker into the wild and let him compete for a championship. I’d love to see him battle against Kyle Lowry or John Wall or Kyrie Irving but he can’t because Nicolas Batum and Dwight Howard occupy 40% of the salary cap. Two players that stink.

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