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10 NBA Players Having The Most Surprising Starts To The 2018-19 Season

Every team has played about 10-14 games thus far so we have juuuust a small enough sample size to make bold silly claims. Remember this time last season when the Orlando Magic were like, the No.1 seed in the East and everyone thought they figured it out? Laugh out loud.

Some players are vastly overachieving and some look totally lost. Michael Beasley is somewhere in between those two.

Here are 10 NBA players have the most surprising starts to the 2018-19 season:


1. Karl Anthony-Towns

Karl-Anthony Towns just got put in the torture chamber by 36-year old Tyson Chandler at the time I’m writing this. KAT is strugglingggg. Karl-Anthony Towns made his first All-NBA team last season and was poised to make the leap to superstar status.

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His field goal percentage has dropped to only 44% this season. He used to be a double-double machine and now he only has 5 in 12 games. It’s easy to say that Jimmy Butler calling him a ‘pussy’ every day in practice is what’s causing these struggles sooo yea, I’m going to continue to go with that narrative because it is the most hilarious storyline in the NBA. KAT stinks because his teammate is mean to him.


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