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10 Offseason Moves That Could Restore The Competitive Balance in the NBA

Everyone is claiming that the Golden State Warriors ruined the NBA. They are unbeatable because they have the 3 best shooters ever and one of the best defensive players in NBA history. 3 combined MVP awards. You get it. The Warriors are good.

Allow me to solve the NBA competitive balance issues with some offseason moves that will save this league that I grew up watching and loving and grinning and bearing Stephon Marbury contested midrange jump shots.


Here are some quick signings that I thought of after writing this article:

  • JJ Redick to Milwaukee
  • Julius Randle to Miami
  • Avery Bradley to Indiana
  • Etc.


And here is the main event. Here are the 10 NBA Offseason moves to save the league:


1. Chris Paul for Boogie Cousins

Let’s jump right into this nonsense. I’m writing 200mph and I’m not making any stops. Chris Paul for DeMarcus Cousins. Bam. Let’s. Go.

Boogie is one of my favorite players in the NBA but the playoffs made it quite clear that the Pelicans are at their best without him. Anthony Davis is the center and plays best at the 5. But Boogie is a top 20 player in the NBA so you can’t let him walk away and get nothing in exchange for his talents.

Chris Paul is an aging point guard that’s injury prone who now wants a long-term max deal. Yikes. With Clint Capela entering free agency, why not replace him with a far better DeMarcus Cousins? Especially considering that the Rockets want to shoot a million 3’s and Cousins wants to shoot 2 million 3’s.

With Rondo entering free agency for the Pelicans, they need a new pass-first point guard. Enter Chris Paul returning to New Orleans. He led David West to the playoffs last time he played in New Orleans. I’d say Anthony¬†Davis is a little better than David West.


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