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10 Biggest Questions After The True Detective Season 3 Premiere

True Detective is BACK with a third season which is strange because there was only one season prior. There was that year with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson and now this season with Mahershala Ali.

What’s that? Vince Vaughn did what now? And you’re saying he just collapsed in the desert, huh? And people watched this? Yikes.

True Detective Season 3 debuted this Sunday with two brand new episodes about two children being kidnapped and one child being found dead. Oh, spoilers. Although, if you didn’t watch and you’re reading this article then that’s on you, guy.

Anyway, here are the 10 biggest questions after the True Detective Season 3 premiere:

1. Who killed Will Purcell?

It’s the reason we’re all here. Two kids go missing. One is found dead in the ‘devil’s den’ which seems like a lazy place to leave a dead body but serial killers are often super self aware so I assume he looked at an imaginary camera after he dropped the body off like Jim from The Office.

If I know True Detective like I think I know True Detective, we won’t know until the final episode and it won’t matter. This is all about the theories and conspiracies surrounding his death and less about actually solving a murder. The real answer will disappoint the shit out of us.

2. What’s good with these dolls?

It wouldn’t be a True Detective murder without a religious cult involved in some way. Of course, Wayne didn’t just find Will’s body. There HAD to be creepy little bride dolls leading up to him.

Julie Purcell’s classmate mentioned that perhaps that doll was given to Julie while she was trick-or-treating the week prior and she may have dropped them when she was kidnapped.

In the 2015 timeline, that journalist tells Wayne that these little symbols represent local pedophile groups which seems like a misdirection but everything in this show is a misdirection.

3. Who wrote the Ransom Note?

I wanted to laugh out loud at this ransom note but then I remembered that it’s supposed to be the 80’s back when this was the wave. Everything pre-iPhones is hilarious to me. People not only used to cut letters out of magazine but they used to read magazines. Wild times.

I don’t believe that a person killed Will Purcell and then left a ransom note saying that Julie was alive and they should stop looking. I get the feeling that two separate people are involved in this whole incident.

4. Is Wayne a reliable narrator?

It’s been established that the 2015 version of Wayne Hays has memory issues that are severe that he has to keep a tape recording reminding himself of what’s going on on a day-to-day basis. All he knows is that he keeps a gun in that top drawer. Is True Detective secretly NRA propaganda??

In 1990, he is telling the narrative through his recollection of events and it’s possible that he’s telling the people investigating Julie in 1990 what he wants them to know and he’s leaving information out to protect himself or other people. What if we’re seeing lies??

5. What happens with Julia Purcell?

The biggest revelation of the premiere was that Julie’s prints were found in a 1990 robbery 10 years after a closed investigation of her murder. Someone was arrested for her death. Yikes.

It also appears as though she doesn’t make it to the 2015 timeline so what is going on with this girl? What happens in 1990 when she resurfaces? I get the feeling that she’s not going for her master’s degree and providing for her happy and healthy family when we catch up with her.

6. Is Julie’s ‘real’ father involved?

When the estranged mother comes bursting into the scene she reveals that Tom might not even be the real father as the show wants to make it uncomfortably clear that homegirl loves herself some unprotected sex.

In 2015, the journalist casually says “after the events of 1990 and what happened with Julie and her father” which might mean that something happens between her and her birth father. Perhaps that’s the man who kidnapped her in 1980.

7. What happened between Wayne and his daughter?

Clearly there is some beef that we don’t know about between Wayne and his daughter Rebecca and I get the feeling based off his son’s reaction when he brings her up at dinner, it’s both Wayne’s fault and his memory loss means he must ask that question a bajillion times a day.

He also longs for his wife as if things didn’t end well when she passed. Perhaps they were no longer together when she died. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it forever: Dating. Is. Hard. My man might be out here just crying about his ex every day. Feel you. Same.

8. How are these teenagers involved?

It’s not a matter of ‘if’ the teenagers are involved but a matter of ‘how’. We didn’t meet them right before the kids went missing for them to never come up again.

It wouldn’t shock me at all if these kids were falsely accused of the 1980 murders only for the police in 1990 to realize that Julie is still alive and they arrested the wrong people.

Plus, I don’t trust these kids with their long hair and their rock and roll music.

9. Yellow King back?

The journalist mentions the existence of a religous cult group that might connect to season one’s antagonist. She says at one point “did you know at various times since large-scale pedophile rings connected to people of influence were uncovered in the surrounding areas? Did you know about the Franklin scandal? It’s been theorized that the straw dolls are a sign of pedophile groups like the Crooked Spiral.”

Crooked Spiral??? That was the Yellow King’s TM. Either the Yellow King is involved directly in this mystery or they are doing a Black Mirror-eqsue reveal that the separate seasons share one universe. Somewhere in the world while Wayne Hays is alone hunting boars, Rust Cohle is drawing spirals in a notebook losing his mind and Rachel McAdams is freaking men out with aggressive knife play.

10. Does HBO have better wigs?

HBO spent all of their 2019 budget on dragons and direwolves and when True Detective went to the studio for wig cash, they got back what appears to be $4.




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