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10 Actors That Need To Stop Starring in Movies Forever

Acting is a difficult task. There’s no denying how much goes into Daniel Day-Lewis turning into Abraham Lincoln and being a complete chore on set as he will only be addressed as ‘Abe’ and won’t answer any emails because the internet didn’t exist in the 1800’s.

But some actors aren’t as skilled as Day-Lewis. Some actors continue to get roles year after year even though they struggle to understand the simple concept of human emotion. For every Christian Bale out there killing it in every role, there’s an Ashton Kutcher dwelling at the bottom of the barrel cashing checks he didn’t earn.

But anyway, here are 10 actors that need to stop starring in movies forever:

1. Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson is the star of Fifty Shades of Grey and the sequel Fifty Shades Darker which I have not seen but I think I get the gist. They have sex? Yea? Okay cool, I’m all caught up. I don’t want to shit on the idea of Fifty Shades of Grey because the genre of sexual thriller has worked for decades. Basic Instinct. Body Heat. Fatal Attraction. Eyes Wide Shut.

You know what all of those movies have that Fifty Shades doesn’t? Good actors. Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan have less sexual chemistry than Leonardo DiCaprio and that bear from The Revenant. Now THAT was a real sex scene. Kathleen Turner and Sharon Stone, Dakota Johnson is not.

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