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10 Actors and TV Shows That Deserved To Win Awards At The 2019 Emmys

The 2019 Emmys came and went and certain shows were totally snubbed. Congrats to everyone in Game of Thrones for losing almost every award. You truly deserved that L.

Congrats to Fleabag. Very rare when new talented creators are actually rewarded for their efforts. Plus, Fleabag airs on Amazon. You’d think the old guard would be clutching their pearls and doing everything in their power to keep the spotlight on cable shows but I agree, fuck Big Bang Theory.

But let’s talk about the performers and TV shows that were robbed. These names and shows will be ignoring actual categories. In fact, award shows shouldn’t have categories. Just give these Emmys out to the dopest out there. Why limit the greatness by arbitrary barriers. *exhales weed smoke* open your miiiinds, man.

Here are 10 actors and TV shows that deserved to win awards at the 2019 Emmys:

Honorable Mention: Lena Headey

Lena Headey was the backbone of Game of Thrones for nearly a decade. All of her scenes were must-see. If you go back and binge watch the series, it’s obvious that Lena is acting laps around Sean Bean and whatever the guy’s name is who played Littlefinger.

1. Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh is my favorite actor on planet Earth right now and her role as Charlie in Little Drummer Girl is Exhibit A of her abilities. We are more than familiar with the ‘vulnerable young woman’ in Hollywood but so far, Florence Pugh has exclusively worked as the ‘strong young woman’ which is a wave I will ride to the end of the Earth.

2. Little Drummer Girl

This was going to be exclusively about Michael Shannon’s performance in Little Drummer Girl as he was masterful in riding the fence between evil puppetmaster to experimental freedom fighter but instead, let’s just talk about Little Drummer Girl as a whole as it didn’t get a single Emmy nomination which makes zero sense.

Little Drummer Girl felt like a 6 episode movie about Israeli spies in the late 70s, a story we can all relate to.

3. Andrea Savage

I’m Sorry is funnier than 99% of the shows that are supposed to be comedies. get The Marvelous Ms. Maisel OUT of here. That show is boring as hell and has a jokes per minute rate of 0.0.

Or give Andrea Savage an Emmy for her role as president on Veep. Have Andrea Savage host the 2019 Emmys. The night should be about her.

4. Maniac

I have NO idea if Maniac was a good television show or not. I do know that I spent a day of my life watching it and I need my time and efforts rewarded with this show getting at least one damn nomination.

Maniac was a unique-ish show and although the rails sort of fell off towards the end, it was noteworthy to say the least. Give Emma Stone something. Jonah Hill, not so much. I think he wore grills at one point. Maniac was bad, right?

5. Barry: Ronny/Lilly

This was the best episode of television this year and there isn’t a close second place. Barry going to Ronny’s house to do a standard hit job only for all hell to break loose.

It was hilarious. It was probably the best action choreography of the year and a little girl climbed a house at one point. Everything you look for in a perfect episode of TV.

6. Catastrophe

It’s weird that Fleabag dominated the 2019 Emmy’s while Catastrophe continues to be completely ignored and it’s even weirder considering this was Catastrophe’s final season. Every great show was blown for going off the air but Catastrophe remains the best kept secret in comedy.

7. Jon Glaser Loves Gear


8. Marie Kondo

marie kondo

Marie Kondo deserves SOMETHING. Perhaps a Nobel Peace Price but we can settle for an Emmy. She has sparked so much joy all while pretty much just folding people’s jeans and putting knick knacks in tubberware.

9. Desus and Mero

desus and mero

Soooo we’re just going to do the old white guy late night thing for the rest of forever? Cool cool. Well, if we ever change our minds, perhaps give Desus and Mero a look over on Showtime actually making jokes and not just boringly staring at Keri Russell as she tells a pointless story about her trip to Hong Kong in 2011 or whatever.

10. Julia Louis Dreyfus

I mean, duh.

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