1 Day After Refusing To Sign Colin Kaepernick Because of Kneeling, The Seattle Seahawks Sign a Random Black Quarterback Who Has Never Played an NFL Game Before

I hate the NFL so much.

Earlier this week, Seattle brought in Colin Kaepernick for a work out with the intentions of signing the man who led the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl almost single-handedly. In previous statements, Kaepernick mentioned that if signed, he would stop kneeling during the National Anthem.

However, when the Seahawks asked him, he said he had no plans on stopping sooo they kindly walked him out the front door and signed a guy who has never taken a snap in an NFL game before instead of again, the guy who led his team to the Super Bowl. Shout out Stephen Morris.

For comparison sake, if I told my girlfriend that I was going to take the initiative and stop smoking cigarettes on my own and then her immediate response was ‘if you don’t quit smoking, I’m dumping you’, I would have no choice but to smoke like, 9 packs a day just out of defiance. There is nothing more frustrating than someone telling you not to do something that you personally had already planned on stopping.

To anyone thinking, ‘well why doesn’t Kaepernick just shut up and stand during the Anthem? He must not want to play that badly’, why? Why should he HAVE to stop protesting racial injustice? On what planet are we all suddenly anti-worker and pro-management where we’re all rooting for the bosses to control whether or not players can draw attention to the fact that cops are murdering black people with no consequences.

If an NFL team had a smart PR team that would jump at the opportunity to sign Kaepernick. This year, Hollywood literally just realized that black people like things too as Black Panther is the highest grossing movie EVER. SEEEE YAAA, Titanic.

If an NFL team signed Kaepernick, the NFL Store would shut down from all the people rushing to their computers to buy a Kaepernick jersey. They’d automatically become the blackest team in the NFL and they’d suddenly realize ‘wow, black people like football too? Crazy how all of a sudden people are buying our ridiculously overpriced game tickets? Who knew?’.

And the worst part about the Seahawks signing Stephen Morris is that it is such a transparent ‘we can’t be racist, we signed a black guy’ move. It’s a direct slap in the face to anyone with intelligence. Like, a month ago Donald Trump Jr said that his dad can’t be racist because he takes pictures with famous black people and everyone was like ‘wow, he’s right. Look at this picture of Trump and Kanye. Yup, can’t be racist’.

Dumb people will now believe that there isn’t clear racism taking place because Seattle brought in the textbook definition of a token.

I hate the NFL.

Also, I love watching Russell Wilson play and I am in no way hoping he gets hurt but like, I kinda need him to get hurt this season so that the world can see the gawd, Stephen Morris go out there and play like absolute trash after he stands on his tip-toes during the National Anthem.

I hate the NFL.




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