12 More Things We All Need To Stop Doing Immediately

12 More Things We All Need To Stop Doing Immediately

12 more annoying things that we all just need to stop doing… immediately.

1. Worshiping Cats.

There used to be a time when you were considered a crazy cat lady if you were obsessed with felines. Now you’re ostracized if you don’t have a house full of cats. This would all be fine except for the fact…that cats are assholes. At least you can pet and play with dogs. Try to pet a cat for longer than 60 seconds. Instead of just walking away, they turn around and scratch you. Straight up assholes. Cats suck.

king cat

2. Telling People They Should Watch a TV Show

In a world with Netflix, we have access to most television programs wherever we want, whenever we want. The problem is, there are so many great shows on television these days and so little time to watch it all. People have been telling me to watch Lost since 2004 and the second I start watching an episode, people are suddenly telling me that I need to watch The Walking Dead. If you like a hit television show that’s mega cool. You’re mega cool. There is no need to push it onto everyone you make eye contact with.

game of thrones


3.Pretending to Hate Things Because They’re Popular

Hating things because they are ‘mainstream’ is so mainstream. The hipster era is gradually coming to a close but there are still a rare few holding on to their to glasses without lenses and their ironic suspenders. You’re allowed to like music that is on the radio. I’m a proud Ke$ha fan and I don’t care who knows it. You hating Ke$ha because I like her just makes you a dick, dick.



4. Syncing Your Social Media Accounts

I do not sign onto Facebook to see your latest tweets all posted as statuses. I don’t need to see what photos you’ve liked and uploaded to instagram. If you post something on Tumblr, keep it on Tumblr. No one wants to see your entire internet activity. There is no need to share everything you do, to everyone you know. Having said that, be sure to share this article to all of your friends and family.

social media


5. Taking Photos of Food Before You It.


Instagram is taking over. The ability to post photos and choose camera filters just fascinates us, apparently. However after about 4 photos of sunsets, we quickly run out of things to post. But luckily, we all eat food so why not take a picture of what you eat, always. What makes this one of the most annoying things is that people aren’t even taking photos of exotic foods. They’re taking photos of runny eggs and burned grilled cheeses.

instagram food

“Yea just throw this food out. I only needed it for the picture.”




6. Saying “I Don’t Give a Fuck.”

The moment you say “I don’t give a fuck”, you give a fuck. Pretending not to care about things doesn’t impress anyone. You’re allowed to care. We won’t think any differently of you if you emote.

george bush

The only man who truly doesn’t give a fuck.

7. Paying Way Too Much Money On Watches.

It’s 2013. Everyone has a cell phone. The idea of spending over $100 on a device whose sole purpose is telling time, is simply foolish. Unless you’re recording a rap music video or you’re Gordon Gekko, save your money. No one is impressed by the amount of money you spend on a clock you can’t read.

expensive watches

“Can’t afford to feed my children but look at my wrist for 2 seconds!”

8. Using Social Networks to Tell Everyone Your Location.

There is something very narcissistic about constantly posting your whereabouts. It implies that you believe everyone not only cares where you are but who you’re with and why. With a GPS in every smart phone, you really don’t need to post about your location, we already know. Unless you’re in Machu Picchu on the back of a burro, don’t check in on Facebook.

check in

No one cares where you are, ever.

9. Waving on cars when you have the right of way.

Driving is one of the easiest activities you will do all day. You sit behind the wheel, step on the acceleration pedal occasionally and you suddenly arrive at your destination. Sadly, there are a few assholes who make it difficult for everyone. The unspoken rule of the right of way is what keeps civilization going and separates us from animals. If you have the right of way and you choose to wave a car on instead, you have instantly confused everyone on the road. Don’t make driving hard (women).

car wave


10. Complaining About Being Cold in the Winter/Hot in the Summer

You’re cold in the snow and hot in direct sunshine? How abnormal. If you choose to live in a temperate deciduous forest, you should not be surprised or overwhelmed by the idea of seasons. It’s going to be cold every winter, always and forever. You will be sweating in the summer. We all feel the same way. Stop complaining and sit under a heater/air conditioner.

cold woman

This woman just doesn’t get it at all.

11. Asking Questions at the Drive-Thru

When you approach the drive-thru, you better know what you want to order. Do not start asking “What’s on the burger?” If you have any questions or uncertainty, park your car and go inside. One of the most annoying things is someone slowing down fast food. If you start questioning the amount of calories in a Big Mac, you are clearly at the wrong location.

drive thru

Order your food and go. Those are your only options.

12. Assuming Something That You Misplaced Has Been Stolen.

This has been bothering me since forever. The moment someone misplaces an item, they’re first immediate thought is to presume it stolen. You lost your pen, bro. No one stole it from you. There is no value in your free TD Bank pen. Stop.

stressed woman

“Oh no! I can’t find the cap to my water bottle. WHO STOLE IT?!”

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