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Yasiel Puig Hits Home Run, Immediately Flips Everyone Off

Sometimes I think players and the media treat Yasiel Puig unfairly. There is a lot of coded racism when you tell a Cuban player who shows emotion when he plays that that’s not how you’re ‘supposed’ to play the game of baseball. However, whenever you use the words ‘play’ and ‘game’ in the same sentence, you should probably refrain from taking yourself so seriously.

Puig flips his bat when he hits a monster home run. As he should. He celebrates when he makes a big diving catch. It’s natural for humans to show emotion after something positive happens. I’m over the boring Derek Jeter archetype.

Having said that, you probablyyyy can’t just throw up double middle fingers like there aren’t constant cameras on you recording everything you do. I don’t really disapprove though. Yesterday, Danica Patrick was crying to fans that booed her. I’d rather see someone flip off fans than beg for them to be nice.

Yasiel: 1, Danica: 0.






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