3 Yankees Legends (And Andruw Jones) Are On Vacation Together

Chilling at the pool with the boys after golf day @jorgeposada_20 @ctino_martinez #greattime #livinglife #golftrip

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Is this what it’s like to be a legend? Spontaneous trips to the Dominican Republic with your bestest bros? Just a casual golf getaway on a random Wednesday. I assume Tino and Jorge hit up Jeter and Derek just happened to be hanging out with Andruw Jones at the time so he had to drag his ass along.

How do I get into this crew? I guarantee I can replace Andruw by the end of the week. Someone get me into this group chat. It’s George Clooney’s late night high stakes poker games and Derek Jeter exotic golf getaways. Those are the two squads I need to climb into by the end of the day.

Fucking Andruw Jones. Really?

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