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What Happened to Bradley Cooper’s Career?

I was moments away from writing an article about Rocket Raccoon after seeing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. I think Rocket Raccoon is the best character of this Marvel trilogy.1  I was going to applaud Bradley Cooper for making me care about an animated raccoon but then I took a step back and realized that Bradley Cooper’s best role in a long ass time is an animated raccoon. Yikes.

When was the last time Bradley Cooper starred in a relevant movie? American Sniper? That came out in 2014 and was incredibly division. I fell asleep watching it which is less indicative of the quality of the movie and more indicative of my poor sleep schedule but still.

Most of Cooper’s early roles were just him being the asshole in a romantic comedy. He was always the other guy that competed with the other long haired blonde actor. Then The Hangover came out and we got grown up B-Coop starring in a blockbuster comedy.

Then he got linked up with David O. Russell and killed it in Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle. We were looking at a future with Cooper but nope. His best role after American Hustle was Rocket Raccoon. Next best role? Um, I don’t know? Burnt was fine or whatever.

Now Bradley Cooper is directing and starring in a musical with Lady Gaga. The correct reaction to that previous sentence was laughter. That movie will be weird/bad or it won’t. All I know is that Aloha was the worst movie ever and I won’t pretend like that didn’t happen.

Everyone pray for this man and hope he picks some good roles soon. He’s worrying me.




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  1. besides Howard the Duck of course

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