Watch Serena Williams Teach You How to Twerk

It’s 2016. The internet moves quickly. I had no idea that instructional¬†twerk videos were still a thing but Self Magazine is bringing it back I guess. I’m not going to say that Deadseriousness is the hippest website in the game but I’m just saying you’re not seeing King Lester posting videos teaching you how to Dougie.

Serena Williams is very attractive. Having said that, there is something very unattractive about this video. Watching her slowly awkwardly dance alone where I imagine there was no music playing made me cringe a bit.

I’m sure I’ll come back to this video on a Friday night when I’m blackout drunk and the only girl I talked to at the bar was super hot until the lights turned on and I realized I was actually talking to a dead body from the Walking Dead. That was too real.

Also real quick, one of the first comments on this video is about Serena being a role model. She plays tennis for a living. She’s allowed to dance every once in awhile. Raise your own children.


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