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Tony Romo Pretending To Be a Dallas Maverick Was the Lamest Moment in NBA History

Uh, what the fuck? On Tuesday night, the Dallas Mavericks honored the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback by allowing him to warm up with the team and they even gave him his own jersey. Wow, neat-o!

This was by far the lamest moment in the history of the NBA. The Mavericks treated Tony Romo like he was a Make-A-Wish kid. This is preseason nonsense. I get that the Mavs have been eliminated from the playoffs and there a few reasons for fans to continue to come to games but how about we focus on winning and not stroking Romo.

On top of everything, Romo wasn’t even that great. How many championships did he win in Dallas? Oh zero? So then why is it that Dallas fans think Romo is the greatest ever. Dak Prescott is already better than Romo ever was.

This was the lamest moment in NBA history. Everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves.



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