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These New Detachable Jeans Are Hot in the Streets Now


NEW FIRE FASHION ALERT. Welcome these brand new detachable jeans to the world of high fashion. Earlier this week, I got mega hyped to throw on a romper for men and now detachable jeans are hitting the market? Take all of my money.1

This is perfect for summer. You have your day shorts always on deck. From sunrise to sunset, your legs are getting some air. Your legs are breathing. Then when the sun goes down and that late night cool takes over, BAM, whip out those jean attachments are you’re gucci.

This is some futuristic shit. Sure, it would be cool to have jetpacks and flying cars or whatever but I’ll take these detachable jeans as compromise. George Jetson for sure had a closet full of these, probably.

If you see me this summer wearing anything other than Big Ball Brand Lonzo sneakers, a RompHim and detached jeans then call the local authorities, because there is a Lester imposter trying to embarrass me with their wack ass fashion choices.




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  1. JK I’m a blogger, I don’t have any money.

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