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The Ultimate Bucket List




  1. Dunk on Michael Jordan
  2. Run for president, win, and resign after one day.
  3. Catch all 150 Pokemon
  4. Teach an old dog new tricks
  5. Get Casey Anthony Pregnant
  6. Pee on every toilet seat
  7. Date a Kardashian
  8. Floss
  9. Juice with Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds
  10. Meet Santa Claus
  11. Have a drink with Don Draper
  12. Spend an afternoon with Wu-Tang Clan
  13. Solve mysteries with Scooby and the gang
  14. Perform a successful heist with Danny Ocean
  15. Buy/use Shamwow
  16. Wrestle Ric Flair
  17. Laugh my ass off
  18. Find where Tupac is hiding, finish the job.
  19. Spend a summer on Mars
  20. Find a pear of iphone headphones that last longer than 30 days
  21. Solve Jay-z’s 99 problems
  22. Hot air balloon around the world with Jackie Chan
  23. Celebrate Festivus
  24. Defeat Dr. Doom
  25. Go back in time and warn Marty McFly not to make a third movie.
  26. Sing a duet with Celine Dion
  27. Babysit the Olsen Twins, they need supervision.
  28. Ride a Zebra
  29. Find a needle in a haystack
  30. Beat KRS-One in a rap battle
  31. Respect Tina Turner
  32. Befriend a Polar Bear
  33. RunNew Yorklike Boss Tweed
  34. Eat fruits and vegetables
  35. Start a fight club
  36. Complete the cinnamon challenge
  37. Start my own record label, sign no one.
  38. Eat nothing but ice cream for a year straight.
  39. Narrate for Morgan Freeman.
  40. Get breast implants, D cups are greater.
  41. Catch a Touchdown pass from Dan Marino
  42. Set world record for most consecutive naps.
  43. Make Jennifer Aniston fall in love with me, dump her.
  44. Teach Flava Flav basic phonics.
  45. Become the real life Spiderman, do crime.
  46. Buy the world’s most expensive house, burn it to the ground
  47. Grope Dolly Parton
  48. Appear on Letterman, don’t say a word.
  49. Kill all Bees.
  50. Get High with Tony Danza

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